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The Most Awkward Moments on Below Deck

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The popular reality TV show, Below Deck, has had its fair share of cringey moments throughout its run. With outrageous and outlandish requests from the charter guests, the crew members are often put in compromising positions that sacrifice their dignity for the entertainment of the guests. Additionally, there have been instances where the charter guests themselves engage in embarrassing antics that make for cringe-worthy moments on the show.

Below Deck Awkward Moments

One notable cringey moment occurred during Season 3 when the charter guests requested a Greek-themed party. However, the execution of the theme was poorly done, with the guests simply donning white togas and leaf crowns. The real cringey factor came when the 3rd Stew, Raquel “Rocky” Dakota, dressed up in a mermaid costume and jumped into the water, flopping her fake tail around. While the guests enjoyed it and applauded Rocky’s performance, the entire situation seemed unnecessary and potentially unsafe considering it was a night party.

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Another cringey moment involved a charter guest named Dolores during Season 8. Dolores got heavily intoxicated and decided to go for a late-night swim in the ocean. Despite her friend jokingly warning her about potential sharks, Dolores was determined to go in. Captain Lee Rosbach was rightfully infuriated by her irresponsible behavior, as it showed disrespect towards him and the rest of the crew. Dolores further embarrassed herself by refusing to swim back to the boat, making the entire scene cringeworthy to witness.

Season 3 also featured an infamous cringey moment known as the foam party. Charter guest Steve was enthusiastic about the party, but none of his fellow guests shared his interest. This resulted in Steve jumping around in the foam by himself and urging others to join him, creating an awkward and uncomfortable atmosphere. Eventually, out of pity, the crew felt obligated to join Steve so he wouldn’t be partying alone. 2nd Stew Amy Johnson went all in to help Steve have a good time, but the combination of the bizarre party theme and Steve’s lackluster friends made the scene cringeworthy to watch.

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In Below Deck Mediterranean Season 3, there was an awkward dinner where the guests compared Chef Adam Glick’s pasta dish to dog food. The guests expressed their dissatisfaction with the presentation of the dish, going as far as making derogatory comparisons. The group was demanding and disrespected Adam’s food in a casual manner. One guest even had the audacity to ask for a grilled cheese instead, claiming she couldn’t eat the pasta. Their behavior was whiny and disrespectful, making it cringeworthy to witness.

Finally, Kelley Johnson, a crew member, reluctantly agreed to go down a slide with a charter guest upon Captain Lee’s approval. The guest further made the situation uncomfortable by requesting Kelley to remove his shirt for the ride, to which Kelley firmly declined. The guest’s reaction showed a lack of regard for Kelley’s discomfort, turning the entire moment into a cringeworthy scene.

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Overall, these cringey moments on Below Deck showcase the challenging and sometimes embarrassing situations that the crew members and guests find themselves in. Whether it’s ridiculous requests or embarrassing antics, the show continues to captivate viewers with its mix of luxury yachting and cringeworthy moments.

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