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The Reasons Why Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s Breakup Raises Suspicion

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In a shocking turn of events, Summer House stars Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s have called off their November wedding. The couple, who started off as roommates and eventually became lovers, have seemingly ended their relationship on a sour note. Rumors have circulated regarding why the couple decided to break up, and here are a few theories.

Unpacking Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s Breakup

One theory suggests that Carl may have cheated on Lindsay. Reports claim that Lindsay was blindsided by the alleged affair and there have been rumors of a pregnancy scare involving the mystery woman. However, it is believed that this woman would not be a Bravo personality as that would have likely been leaked by someone on the show. This theory seems to suggest that Carl may have cheated and subsequently confessed to Lindsay, leading to the end of their engagement.

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Another theory suggests that Carl may have struck a deal with Bravo producers regarding the cancellation of their wedding. A source revealed that the deadline for canceling guests’ hotel reservations had passed, leaving friends and family to foot the bill. There are rumors that Carl had a partnership with the hotel and by canceling the wedding earlier, he would have been responsible for the costs. This theory suggests that Carl may have prioritized financial gain over his relationship with Lindsay.

A third theory suggests that Carl had emotionally checked out of the relationship prior to calling off the engagement. Sources claim that he had not been emotionally invested in his relationship with Lindsay for a while. It is possible that Carl lost his feelings for Lindsay but didn’t have the courage to break things off until now.

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Lastly, there have been rumors that Carl’s mother played a role in the breakup. While it is unclear whether she directly influenced Carl’s decision, it is known that they have a close relationship. Some speculate that Carl’s mother may have intervened to prevent him from making a mistake by marrying Lindsay.

The true reason behind Carl and Lindsay’s breakup remains unknown, leaving fans curious and eager to find out what really happened.

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