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The Top 10 American Characters in Anime

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American characters in anime often stand out from the rest of the cast due to their distinct traits and exaggerated portrayals. While one might assume that these depictions might offend Americans, these characters are often among the most popular with American viewers. The over-the-top nature of these characters makes them lovable in their own way. Here are ten of the greatest American characters in anime.

1. Jason Chrysler from “Dimension W” is a recovery agent who goes by the name “Hero.” He is portrayed as a classic playboy millionaire, surrounded by beautiful women. He is willing to do anything for money, but ultimately, he is not a bad person.

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2. Duo Maxwell from “Gundam Wing” is the pilot of the Gundam Deathscythe. He deviates from the American stereotype as he is from an American space colony. Duo has seen a lot of death in his life and refers to himself as the “great destroyer.” Despite this, he is a likable character and a close friend of the series’ protagonist.

3. Alfred “America” Jones from “Axis Powers Hetalia” is an anthropomorphic representation of the entire United States. He is characterized as a powerful character who constantly needs attention. He loves to eat junk food, particularly hamburgers, and has bizarre plans to solve problems. Despite his eccentricities, he often saves the day.

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4. Rebecca “Revy” Lee from “Black Lagoon” is a Chinese-American character who stands out for her rude and loud personality. She is always armed with two guns and is known for her heavy drinking and smoking habits. In the chaotic and violent world of “Black Lagoon,” her strong personality allows her to thrive.

5. “Golden” Ryan Goldsmith from “Tiger and Bunny” is a hero who had a career abroad before coming to Sternbild. He loves attention and has flashy moves to draw the spotlight. Despite his egotistical nature, he is in touch with his emotions and remains heroic when needed.

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6. Bandit Keith from “Yu-Gi-Oh!” is the former US Duel Monsters champion seeking revenge against Pegasus. He is depicted as a selfish and ruthless character, willing to cheat and hold hostages. While he represents a negative portrayal, he is popular due to Abridged series memes.

7. Star and Stripe from “My Hero Academia” is America’s top hero with her own squadron of fighter jets. She has a disdain for authority, high confidence, and a powerful Quirk called New Order. Despite being a new character in the anime, she has already made an impact.

8. Lt. Surge from “Pokémon” is known as “The Lightning American.” He takes Pokémon battles seriously and teases the protagonist about his Pikachu. However, once they earn his respect, his attitude changes, and he values his battle with them.

9. Tessa from “Full Metal Panic!” is the captain of the submarine Tuatha De Danaan. Although she grew up on military bases, she avoids many American stereotypes seen in anime. She is talented, professional, clever, and equipped with the firepower to back it up.

10. Joseph Joestar from “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” is technically English but spends most of his life in New York City. He is a flawed protagonist characterized by selfishness, cowardice, and philandering. However, he can become serious and powerful when the situation demands it.

These American characters in anime often exhibit the best and worst traits of the stereotypical American, with traits like loudness, rudeness, and violence turned up to the extreme. However, they also display loyalty, courage, and preparedness. Despite the initial dislike from the protagonist, these characters often prove themselves to be valuable allies by the end. American viewers tend to love these characters in anime, even the negative portrayals, as they are dynamic and active characters that rarely come across as personal insults.

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