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The Top 10 Must-Watch Anime Episodes

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Anime series are known for their length, often spanning hundreds of episodes. However, amidst the sea of episodes, there are some that stand out as the best. These episodes are filled with iconic character moments, conclusions to grand arcs, stunning animation, and incredible action sequences.

One of the top anime episodes is “Hinokami” from Demon Slayer. This episode introduces a new and formidable enemy, Rui, who pushes the protagonist, Tanjiro, to his limits. The epic battle between them sets the bar for the high level of drama found throughout the series.

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In Hunter x Hunter, episode 131, titled “Angel X and X Light,” showcases the brutal and unforgiving nature of the Chimera Ant arc. The episode features an emotionally exhausting face-off between Gon and a powerful nen-user, resulting in tragic consequences.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ episode 218, “Aibo,” wraps up major loose ends from its predecessor, Naruto. This episode marks the end of an era as a beloved character sacrifices themselves, bidding farewell to what fans had known about the Naruto series.

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The turning point for My Hero Academia comes in season 3, episode 11, “One For All.” The ultimate showdown between All Might and One for All pushes both characters to their limits, delivering vibrant action sequences and vital character moments.

Code Geass concludes in a satisfying manner with season 2, episode 25, “Re;.” Lelouch’s masterful plan to free Japan from imperial rule reaches its culmination, ending on a note that is both bleak and hopeful.

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Vinland Saga’s season 1 finale, “End Of The Prologue,” subverts expectations by not granting the protagonist, Thorfinn, his desired revenge. The complex dynamic between Thorfinn and his enemy-turned-mentor, Askelaad, adds layers to this emotionally charged episode.

Attack on Titan season 4, episode 21, “From You, 2000 Years Ago,” delves into the origin of the Titans and explores the fate of Ymir, a former slave whose powers were exploited. This episode masterfully combines heartbreak and exposition.

Demon Slayer’s Entertainment District Arc showcases its animated excellence in the penultimate episode, “I Will Never Give Up.” The clash of blades and iconic moments make this episode a standout in the Dragon Slayer series.

In Attack on Titan’s season 3, episode 16, “Perfect Game,” the stakes are at their highest as the survey corps face off against powerful Titans. The episode highlights the bravery of 13th Scout Regiment Commander, Erwin Smith.

The best anime episode goes to Attack on Titan’s season 3, episode 17, “Hero.” In this epic one-two punch with “Perfect Game,” the once skittish Armin takes a stand and showcases his heroism, culminating in significant character arcs coming full circle.

Overall, these episodes represent the pinnacle of storytelling, animation, and action in the anime genre. They showcase the best that anime has to offer and are a must-watch for fans and newcomers alike.

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