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Top 10 Anime Cat Companions

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Cats have always played a significant role in anime, often serving as loyal companions to the main characters. Whether they are mentors, friends, or even shape-shifting creatures, these feline characters add depth and humor to the stories they inhabit. Here are some of the best anime cat companions that have captured the hearts of viewers.

In Sailor Moon, Luna, Artemis, and Diana are not just ordinary cats. These feline beings from the planet Mau mentor the Sailor Scouts and assume cat forms to guide them in their warrior roles. Luna takes her role seriously and can be brutally honest with Usagi. Artemis, on the other hand, is more laid-back but utilizes sarcasm when dealing with Minako. Diana, their child from the future, is content being Chibiusa’s friend.

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Happy from Fairy Tail is an Exceed, a feline species from a parallel dimension. He imprinted on Natsu and has remained inseparable from him ever since. Although not particularly strong in combat, Happy compensates with his speed, agility, and the ability to store magic within his body. He can even give Natsu wings by wrapping his body around him during flight.

Kiki’s Delivery Service features Jiji, a little black cat who accompanies Kiki on her witch training. Jiji’s personality differs depending on the version of the film. In the original Japanese, he is serious about his duties. However, in the English dub, Jiji becomes more upbeat and wisecracking thanks to Phil Hartman’s portrayal.

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Kuro from Blue Exorcist is perhaps the biggest cat to fight alongside a shounen hero. Originally a massive, ferocious sidhe, Rin befriends him and reduces him to a manageable size. Kuro aids Rin in battle and acts like a typical pet cat, often sitting on his head or shoulder. Rin can even read Kuro’s thoughts since he became his familiar.

Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket is the Cat of the Zodiac, ostracized from the rest of the Sohma family for his animal form. Kyo turns into a cat when hugged by the opposite sex and carries a bone bracelet that, if removed, transforms him into a formidable creature. Average cats are attracted to Kyo, seeing him as a trustworthy friend, and he exhibits many feline traits in his behavior.

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Sakamoto-san from Nichijou is a street cat who gains the ability to speak and is taken in by Professor Shinonome and Nano. Sakamoto tries to be the mature member of the household and constantly demands respect. However, his requests are often ignored, leading to comical situations.

Meowth from Pokémon is one of the franchise’s most iconic characters. Self-assured and sarcastic, Meowth taught himself to speak human to impress a female Meowth. Rejected by her, he joined Team Rocket, where he found friends instead of riches. Meowth is convinced he’s the smartest member of the team and is known for his hilarious interactions with Jessie and James.

Kirara from Inuyasha is a nekomata, a two-tailed cat youkai. She can change her size at will, growing small enough to be an average house pet or large enough to carry people on her back. Kirara is loyal to Sango and his family and is often used for comic relief. However, she becomes serious and protective when her loved ones are threatened.

In My Roommate Is A Cat, the eponymous roommate is Haru, a stray cat taken in by reclusive writer Subaru. The two initially don’t know what to make of each other but become the best of friends, bringing happiness and companionship into each other’s lives. Haru helps Subaru come out of his isolation, while Subaru’s love and care make Haru feel safe for the first time.

Finally, Blair from Soul Eater is a cat who can shapeshift into a human. She mistakenly gets mistaken as a witch by Soul and Maka, but they soon become friends and roommates. Blair is cheerful, friendly, and always willing to help out her new friends, although she may not always respect personal space.

These anime cat companions prove that while cats may appear aloof, they can be steadfast friends and allies. Each cat brings their own personality and charm to their respective stories, solidifying their places in the hearts of viewers. From mentors to loyal friends, these feline characters enrich the world of anime.

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