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Top 10 Anime Comedies Ever: The Ultimate List

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Anime comedies are often overlooked in favor of action or romance genres, but they play an important role in the history of anime. They provide a much-needed escape and laughter, especially during stressful times. These series use the versatility of animation to enhance comedic gags and deliver a unique and enjoyable experience.

One comedic anime that deserves recognition is “Beelzebub.” Released in 2011, it follows the story of Oga Tatsumi, who becomes responsible for taking care of Baby Beel, the son of the demon king. With a cast of delinquents and literal demons, the series showcases the chaotic and hilarious situations that arise.

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“Isekai Quartet” is a parody anime that brings together iconic characters from various isekai series into a single classroom. Chaos ensues as the personalities clash, but the short episodes and lack of high stakes make it a perfect casual and funny watch.

“Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken” is a bizarre anime that follows three high school girls with dreams of becoming animators. It showcases their unique imaginations and the world they live in, which bends to their creativity. This anime provides a feel-good and low-stakes comedic experience.

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“One-Punch Man” is a parody of the typical shonen hero genre. The protagonist, Saitama, is undefeatable and often bored with his unmatched strength. The series combines a genuinely good story with comedic elements, making it a must-watch for fans who enjoy a blend of action and comedy.

“The Devil Is a Part-Timer” is one of the earliest reverse isekai anime, where the Demon Lord ends up in modern-day Japan. Forced to work part-time jobs to sustain themselves, the series explores the everyday insanity of working in fast food. It offers a comedic spin on the typical isekai genre and balances humor with a solid storyline.

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“Gintama” is a classic comedy anime that parodies popular series and puts its characters in absurd situations. With aliens and eccentric samurai in Edo Japan, the series offers a bizarre yet entertaining experience. The episodic nature of the show allows for easy viewing and plenty of laughs.

“Nichijou” is known for its nonsensical and unpredictable comedy. The series follows a group of high school girls and constantly keeps the audience engaged with fast-paced humor. It has become iconic on the internet and is a must-watch for any comedy anime fan.

“Daily Lives of High School Boys” is an exaggerated look at the mischief and shenanigans of teenagers. It captures the chaos and carefree nature of high school life while still seeming grounded and relatable. The comedy appeals to audiences of all ages and resonates with nostalgic older fans and younger viewers alike.

“Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-Kun” is a parody of the shojo genre. The main character, Nozaki, writes shojo manga despite his lack of romantic experience. The series humorously subverts romance tropes and portrays a cast of hilarious and clumsy high school characters.

In conclusion, anime comedies offer much-needed laughter and a break from reality. They employ the medium’s versatility to enhance comedic gags and deliver unique and enjoyable experiences. From “Beelzebub” to “Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-Kun,” these series showcase the best of the comedy genre in anime.

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