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Top 10 Anime Remakes and Reboots

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Anime remakes and reboots have become a popular trend that breathes new life into older anime properties. These adaptations bring something fresh and exciting to the table, whether it be a refined art style, improved animation, or a continuation of the manga’s story. They not only excite fans of the original but also introduce new fans to overlooked classics.

One notable example is “Trigun Stampede,” a reboot of the classic anime series that aired in 1998. This remake takes inspiration from the original manga and introduces new elements to the story, including a stronger focus on Vash’s relationship with his brother Knives. With its updated animation and fresh take on the narrative, “Trigun Stampede” adds a lot for both fans of the original and newcomers.

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Another successful reboot is “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.” The 2012 adaptation of the manga started with the “Phantom Blood” arc and has since been working its way through each part of the series. The anime has received praise for its faithful adaptation of the high-energy battles and striking visuals from the manga. It even includes an in-universe reboot in Part 6, which involves resetting the world’s timeline and creating a new continuity.

“DEVILMAN Crybaby” is a remake of the 1972 manga by Go Nagai. This intense and graphic supernatural horror series has had several adaptations over the years, but “DEVILMAN Crybaby” stands out with its unique animation style and subversive storytelling. The remake reinvigorated interest in the franchise and introduced new takes on the beloved characters.

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“Dororo,” a manga by Osamu Tezuka, received an anime adaptation in 1969 as part of the World Masterpiece Theater series. To celebrate its fiftieth anniversary, the anime got a fresh new remake in 2019. The reboot features sleek designs, fast-paced action scenes, and a more in-depth exploration of the main characters’ motivations.

“The Heroic Legend Of Arslan” has had multiple adaptations over the years, with the most recent one coming from Hiromu Arakawa, the creator of “Fullmetal Alchemist.” The 2015 anime portrays the soft-spoken but determined Prince Arslan as he fights to reclaim his kingdom from invaders. The series received praise for its engaging story and compelling characters.

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“Ushio And Tora” is another example of a successful reboot. The 2015-2016 anime adaptation retains the nostalgic feel of the ’90s shonen genre while adding its own twists and turns to the story. Fans of the original manga were impressed by the art and storytelling style of the reboot.

“Hellsing Ultimate” is a unique remake that came after an original anime adaptation. The OVAs, which focus on specific parts of the canon, replaced the full-length series and gained popularity for their improved animation quality and faithfulness to the manga’s plot.

“Fruits Basket,” one of the most popular fantasy shoujo anime of all time, received a reboot in 2019. The original 2001 adaptation had a filler ending that left fans wanting more. The remake adapts the manga’s story from beginning to end, including a spin-off movie about the main character’s parents. With improved animation quality and a complete adaptation, the reboot pleased fans worldwide.

“Hunter X Hunter” has had two anime adaptations, one in 1999 and a reboot in 2011. The latter version closely adheres to the manga’s plot and covers more of the story, including the infamous Chimera Ant Arc. The 2011 reboot is considered a must-watch for anime beginners due to its bright art and animation style.

These remakes and reboots exemplify the potential of reviving older anime properties with fresh perspectives and updated visuals. They bring new excitement to the fanbase and introduce classic stories to a new generation of viewers.

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