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Top 10 Anime that Follow Characters’ Journey in Pursuit of their Careers

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Many anime series focus on the theme of pursuing a career, showcasing the journey of characters trying to excel in their work lives. These shows not only entertain viewers but also offer insights into various industries and the realities of different jobs. The best career-driven anime strike a balance between realism and optimism, teaching audiences that pursuing one’s passion is worth the challenges that may arise.

The subgenre of career-focused anime began gaining popularity in the ’90s with shows like Golden Boy and Great Teacher Onizuka. However, it really took off in the early 2010s with comedies such as Working!! and The Devil Is A Part-Timer! These shows not only provide entertainment but also shed light on the inner workings of different professions, debunking popular misconceptions.

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One excellent example of a career-driven anime is Bakuman. (2010-2013), created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, the duo behind the hit series Death Note. Bakuman. follows the story of artist Mashiro and writer Takagi as they navigate the cutthroat manga industry. The series realistically portrays the challenges faced by aspiring manga creators, showcasing the high levels of competition and the pressure to appeal to fans while staying true to one’s artistic vision.

Space Brothers (2012-2014) explores the dreams of becoming an astronaut through the story of brothers Mutta and Hibito Nanba. The anime delves into the intense training and dedication required to reach such a lofty goal, highlighting the characters’ unwavering commitment to their childhood dream. The show’s combination of hard science fiction elements and compelling characters makes it relatable to anyone who has pursued a dream that didn’t turn out as expected.

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Sports anime also delve into the world of careers, portraying the journey of professional athletes. Shows like Yuuri!!! On Ice, Haikyuu!!, and Free! Iwatobi Swim Club depict the realities of pursuing a career in sports, including the challenges of getting older and the sacrifices required to reach the top. The genre appeals to viewers at different stages of their own athletic journeys, offering a wide variety of stories and depictions of different sports.

Bartender (2006), while less action-packed, provides a relaxing and insightful look into the world of bartending. The anime follows bartender Ryuu Sasakura as he crafts cocktails and offers a reprieve to customers seeking solace from the stresses of life. The show emphasizes the importance of not just mixing talent and knowledge of ingredients but also the ability to connect with others. Bartender highlights the essential skill of relating to people, a skill that is vital in many professions.

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The Great Passage (2016) explores the publishing industry through the story of retiring editor Kouhei Araki and his search for the perfect successor. The anime highlights the dedication and passion required to create a new dictionary and make literature and language accessible to the world. It instills a sense of inspiration and appreciation for the depth and importance of publishing.

The Devil Is A Part-Timer! (2013-2022) takes a unique twist on the career-focused theme by following the Demon King Maou as he takes a part-time job at a fast-food chain on Earth. The show humorously depicts Maou’s enthusiasm and dedication to his new job, challenging the notion that certain jobs are beneath someone. It emphasizes the importance of finding joy and purpose in any work, regardless of one’s position or status.

Food Wars! (2015-2020) explores the intense and demanding world of professional kitchens through the students of Totsuki Culinary Academy. The anime showcases not only the culinary skills required but also the business acumen and professionalism necessary to succeed as a chef. It offers a comprehensive portrayal of the challenges and expectations faced by those in the culinary industry.

Shirobako (2014-2015) follows the journey of a group of high school friends who make a pact to create professional anime together. The anime explores various aspects of the anime industry, providing insights into areas such as animation production, voice acting, and scriptwriting. While maintaining a light-hearted tone, Shirobako educates viewers about the intricacies of working in the industry.

Overall, career-driven anime offer entertainment while also shedding light on different professions and teaching valuable lessons about pursuing one’s dreams. These shows resonate with viewers who can relate to the challenges and triumphs of chasing success in the workplace.

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