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Top 10 Filler Arcs in Anime That Receive Praise from Redditors

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Filler episodes are often looked down upon by anime fans, as they are not relevant to the main plot and can take away from the original content. However, there are some filler arcs that are well-done and loved by fans. One example is the Zanpakuto Rebellion Arc in Bleach, where the Zanpakuto spirits come to life and revolt against their wielders. This arc introduces new characters and showcases top-notch animation in battle scenes. Noragami’s Rabo Arc is another well-done filler arc, exploring Yato’s past and raising the emotional stakes for the characters.

Dragon Ball Z’s Other World Saga is considered to be better than the actual ending by some fans. After the Cell Games, Goku helps King Kai subdue past villains and participates in another tournament in the afterlife. One Piece’s G-8 Arc is another fan-favorite filler arc, where the Straw Hats find themselves in a Marine base and must outsmart their enemies. The Battleship Phase in the 1999 adaptation of Hunter x Hunter adds another phase to the Hunter Exam Arc and fits perfectly with the manga’s content.

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The Waking the Dragons Arc in Yu-Gi-Oh! is a fan favorite, introducing a new villain and showcasing emotional duels. Fairy Tail’s Key of Starry Sky Arc takes a creepy and weird direction, deviating from its usual upbeat tone. Naruto Shippuden’s Kakashi ANBU Arc focuses on Kakashi’s past and is highly regarded by fans. Saint Seiya’s Saga of Asgard Arc is well-written and introduces the formidable land of Asgard.

One notable example of filler is the final arc of the 2003 adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist, as it deviates from the manga’s storyline. This arc introduces a new villain and separates the Elric brothers. Some fans find it nonsensical, while others appreciate its intensity and emotional weight.

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While filler episodes may not always be well-received, there are occasions where they are well-done and loved by fans. These arcs add depth and entertainment to the anime, showcasing creative storytelling and engaging character development.

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