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Top 10 Sinister Siblings in Anime

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In the world of anime, there are plenty of siblings who are bullies and engage in evil behavior. These characters often treat their younger siblings poorly, subjecting them to emotional and physical abuse. While some may justify their actions as being for their sibling’s own good, many are simply sadistic and treat their sibling as a tool or punching bag.

These evil siblings can be found in some of the best shonen anime, where the fate of the world often hangs in the balance during battles between embittered siblings. However, this idea of evil siblings goes back to some of the oldest anime ever made, such as Tahomaru in the original 1969 Dororo.

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One example of an evil sibling is Knives from Trigun. A Plant alien infuriated by humans’ treatment of less humanoid Plants, Knives seeks to annihilate all humans. He manipulates, traumatizes, and abuses his twin brother Vash in order to achieve his goals. Another example is Raditz from Dragon Ball, who brutally beats his brother Goku and kidnaps his young nephew Gohan. Raditz’s actions have a lasting impact on the rest of Dragon Ball Z.

In Code Geass, Schneizel el Britannia is a thorn in his younger brother Lelouch’s side. He is always calm and collected, but his true depravity is revealed when he plans to slaughter millions of civilians to intimidate the world. In My Hero Academia, All For One belittles and mocks his sickly, Quirkless younger brother Yoichi. Even after Yoichi’s death, All For One continues to taunt and torment his successors.

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Illumi Zoldyck from Hunter X Hunter is one of the scariest characters in the series and is particularly cruel towards his younger brother Killua. He psychologically torments Killua, threatens his friends, and forces him to run from stronger opponents with a needle implanted in his brain. Ran Izumii from Durarara!! is another evil brother who torments his sibling. He regularly beat his younger brother Aoba as a child, leading to Aoba’s manipulative and devious behavior.

In One Piece, Sanji’s brothers are shown to be vicious and cruel. Their father experimented on them in order to create perfect soldiers, with Sanji being the only one immune to the emotional stripping. Sanji becomes a punching bag for his stronger brothers who treat him as a failure.

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Akio Ohtori from Revolutionary Girl Utena is responsible for some of the darkest episodes in the series. His ambition is to claim the end of the world at all costs, even if it means sacrificing his sister.

These evil siblings in anime not only engage in great cruelty but also leave a permanent mark on their good siblings’ lives. Despite their evil actions, they serve as compelling characters that add depth and drama to their respective anime series.

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