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Top 10 Surprising Anime & Manga Crossovers You Didn’t See Coming

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Crossovers in anime and manga are not very common, especially ones that make it outside of Japan. However, there are many crossovers out there that are worth checking out. Crossovers occur for various reasons, such as marketing and hype, or simply because two creators admire each other’s work. Legal issues can make releasing crossovers internationally complicated, which is why many of them are not seen outside of Japan.

To qualify as a crossover, the series should have separate continuities. Just being set in the same universe is not enough. Crossovers are often non-canonical to avoid conflicting with the two series’ existing storylines, but there are exceptions. Crossovers can range from full TV specials or movies to a few pages of manga.

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Here are some notable crossovers:

1. Dragon Ball x Doctor Slump: This crossover occurred in both the manga and anime and was 100% canon. Goku from Dragon Ball visits the setting of Doctor Slump and teams up with Arale to fight a common enemy.

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2. Cyborg 009 x Devilman: Created by Go Nagai, these two series had a three-episode OVA crossover where the characters initially fight each other but eventually team up.

3. Assassination Classroom x The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.: This crossover took place in a manga chapter and featured the characters battling each other for a specialty dessert before realizing they have something in common.

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4. Food Wars x Shonen Jump: In this crossover, the main character of Food Wars hosts a banquet for female characters from other Shonen Jump series, resulting in humorous situations.

5. My Next Life as a Villainess x Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro x My Senpai is Annoying: This unusual three-way crossover primarily took the form of a 4-koma manga and featured voice actors from the anime adaptations voicing each other’s characters.

6. Inuyasha x Ranma 1/2 x Urusei Yatsura: As part of the 50th anniversary celebration of Shonen Sunday magazine, these three series received OVAs and a crossover OVA where the characters meet and encounter misunderstandings.

7. One Piece x Dragon Ball Super x Toriko: Known as “Dream 9,” this crossover features characters from the three series coming together in an alternate reality for a meal and some fighting.

8. Fairy Tail x Seven Deadly Sins: This manga crossover with a Christmas theme sees characters from both series meeting and interacting.

9. Gundam x Hello Kitty: The surprising crossover brings together the iconic mecha series Gundam and the beloved character Hello Kitty, with Hello Kitty saving the day and promoting peace.

10. Lupin III x Case Closed: Lupin III and Conan Edogawa from Case Closed meet in two instances, with a crossover special and a movie showcasing their clever interactions.

Crossovers offer a unique and enjoyable experience by combining favorite characters and settings. While some crossovers may not be critically acclaimed, they provide a fun and entertaining diversion for fans. Although tracking down some of these crossovers may require some effort, it is worth exploring more of these exciting collaborations.

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