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Top 12 Plot Holes and Mistakes Uncovered in Secret Invasion

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Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion has been met with criticism for its writing, pacing, and illogical story elements. The series featured a star-studded cast but failed to address important plot points, leaving fans unsatisfied. The Skrulls’ plan of world domination was overly complicated, and the series created numerous plot holes.

The series, which premiered on June 21, 2023, concluded after six episodes on July 26. However, it has become one of the lowest-rated MCU projects to date. Many fans were disappointed with the final episode, which came after weeks of minor mistakes and inconsistencies.

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One major plot hole in Secret Invasion is the revelation that a million Skrulls had assumed human identities and were living covertly on Earth. These Skrulls kept the original humans in stasis in an abandoned Russian nuclear plant known as New Skrullos. These humans would have been exposed to radiation, but this significant detail was not addressed in the series.

Another plot hole is the Skrulls’ plan to claim Earth as their new home. It is unclear why they did not choose Thanos’ Garden planet, which is capable of supporting life and would have made a peaceful home for the Skrulls. Captain Marvel knew of this planet’s existence but made no moves to relocate the Skrulls there.

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Gravik, the leader of the Skrull rebellion, did not make much effort to hide the fact that it was the Skrulls causing devastation. Skrulls were killed in battles between Russia and the United States, reverting to their natural forms, which would have revealed their alien nature. This inconsistency in the Skrulls’ plan was a major flaw.

In the finale, a character named G’iah becomes overly powerful after using a vial of collective DNA from various MCU characters. This makes her the most overpowered hero in the MCU, creating a hurdle for future storytelling.

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The replacement of James “Rhodey” Rhodes, a.k.a. War Machine, by a Skrull also created confusion. It would have made more sense for the Skrulls to replace a more high-profile member of the Avengers, such as Captain America or Black Widow. Rhodey’s replacement seemed inconsequential and will likely be addressed in the upcoming Armor Wars series.

One of the most confusing aspects of Secret Invasion was Nick Fury’s decision not to call the Avengers to help him stop the Skrull rebellion. This decision was inconsistent with the threat posed by the Skrulls and the need for superhero intervention.

Overall, Secret Invasion had a complex and convoluted plot that left many unanswered questions and plot holes. It failed to address important details and inconsistencies, which negatively impacted the viewing experience. The series received criticism for its writing, pacing, and illogical story elements. It remains to be seen if these plot holes will be addressed in future projects.

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