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Tori Spelling Departs from Josh Flagg’s Bel-Air Mansion, Chooses Budget Motel Accommodation

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Tori Spelling’s housing situation has become increasingly bizarre. After her husband, Dean McDermott, announced their split on Instagram and then deleted the post, Tori and her five children have been staying in various places due to a toxic mold problem at their rental home. In July 2023, they even had to stay at a budget motel.

Fans were outraged when it was revealed that Tori’s mother, Candy Spelling, who is worth $600 million, allegedly refused to let Tori and her kids move into her mansion while she tried to help find them a new home. It was also rumored that Candy was paying the rent for Tori’s mold-infested rental home.

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However, an insider claimed that Josh Flagg, a star of Million Dollar Listing, offered Tori his $9 million mansion in Bel-Air while he was away in Europe. The source said that Tori stayed there for six days before moving to the motel. The insider speculated that Tori’s actions may have been a stunt, and that she had access to a house manager, housekeeper, and chef during her stay.

Tori and Josh have a close relationship, described as being “like brother and sister.” However, Tori may have been jealous of her mother’s relationship with Josh, as Candy is like a second mother to him. Josh also played a role in helping Tori and Candy repair their contentious relationship.

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Despite the offers of help, Tori seems to be reluctant to accept it. It is unclear why she is refusing assistance, but the author speculates that she might be trying to land a new reality show or book deal. However, help often comes with strings attached, so it is important to consider the motivations behind the offers.

Overall, the situation surrounding Tori Spelling’s housing has become increasingly confusing. It remains to be seen what Tori’s next steps will be and whether she will accept the help being offered to her.

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