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Trailer Unveils Jessica Alba’s Home Renovation Show “Honest Renovations”

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The Roku Channel has released the official trailer for their upcoming reality show, Honest Renovations. The show stars best friends Jessica Alba and Lizzy Mathis as they surprise parents in need of a home renovation. The 6-episode series is set to premiere on August 18.

The trailer showcases Alba and Mathis surprising different families who are struggling with their homes. The duo aims to transform these cluttered and chaotic spaces into functional and fabulous living environments. The show goes beyond the typical home renovation format by addressing the pain points of parenting and the pressure points of a family home.

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Not only do Alba and Mathis star in the show, but they also serve as executive producers alongside Michael Rotenberg, Dunia McNeily, Oly Obst, and Scott Feeley. The series is produced by High Noon Entertainment and 3 Arts Entertainment.

Honest Renovations offers a unique approach to home renovation shows by focusing on the challenges of parenting and how a well-designed and organized home can alleviate some of those challenges. The trailer teases heartwarming moments and plenty of laughter as Alba and Mathis work alongside each family to create spaces that meet their specific needs.

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The show aims to provide viewers with inspiration and practical tips for improving their own homes. Alba and Mathis bring their expertise and creative vision to each project, ensuring that the final result is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and family-friendly.

The trailer gives a glimpse of the emotional journey that each family goes through as they share their struggles and dreams for their homes. By addressing the pain points of parenting and the pressure to have a well-maintained home, Honest Renovations aims to resonate with viewers who can relate to these challenges.

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The show is set to premiere on August 18 on The Roku Channel, and viewers can expect to see the transformation of several families’ homes over the course of the six-episode series. With Alba and Mathis at the helm, Honest Renovations promises to be an entertaining and heartfelt exploration of the impact that a well-designed home can have on a family’s well-being.

Overall, Honest Renovations offers a refreshing take on the home renovation genre, combining practical design advice with relatable family dynamics. The trailer hints at the emotional depth and heartwarming moments that viewers can expect from the show. Whether viewers are looking for inspiration for their own home renovations or simply enjoy heartwarming reality shows, Honest Renovations is sure to deliver.

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