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TV Shows and Movies to be Added Soon

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The Peacock schedule for August 7-13 is full of entertainment options for subscribers. One highlight is the movie “A Safari Romance” airing on Sunday, August 13, on the Hallmark Channel. The film stars Andrew Walker and Brittany Bristow as Megan and Tim, who meet in South Africa and bond over their shared dreams and love for nature. Their romance is threatened when Amy, a woman from Tim’s past, arrives and puts Megan’s job at risk. Megan also wrestles with the idea of giving her heart to someone who lives far away. The movie explores the theme that love is an adventure worth taking.

In addition to the movie, the Peacock schedule for the week includes various TV shows and sporting events. Some notable shows include “Celebrity Prank Wars” and “Love Island USA.” Sports fans can look forward to the FIFA Women’s World Cup and PGA TOUR events. Peacock also offers exclusive content, such as new episodes of “Days of Our Lives” and “Love Island USA.”

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The week is packed with exciting content across different genres, giving subscribers plenty of options to choose from. It’s a great opportunity to catch up on favorite shows or discover new ones. Whether viewers enjoy romance, reality TV, sports, or news, the Peacock schedule has something for everyone.

In conclusion, the Peacock schedule for August 7-13 offers a range of entertainment options. From the romance of “A Safari Romance” to the excitement of sports events, subscribers can find something to enjoy throughout the week. With exclusive content and a diverse lineup of shows, Peacock provides a comprehensive streaming experience for its subscribers.

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