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Unveiling the Making of Season 1’s Fake Fight Scene: Behind the Scenes of Billions with Billions BTS Video

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A recent behind-the-scenes video for the television show Billions reveals details about a fake fight scene between actors Damian Lewis and Kelly AuCoin from the show’s first season. In the video, Lewis, who plays Robert “Bobby” Axelrod, and AuCoin, who plays “Dollar” Bill Stearn, discuss the scene, which has become a fan favorite. The scene takes place in a soundproof room with glass windows, where Axelrod instructs Stearn to make it look like they’re having a fight. The scene involves some yelling and Stearn pushing Axelrod multiple times.

According to Lewis, during the filming of this scene, AuCoin accidentally shoved him in a spot where he had previously had rotator cuff surgery, so it did hurt. However, the two actors laughed about it and continued to repeat the take until they got it just right.

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In terms of the upcoming seventh season of Billions, it is set to premiere on August 13, 2023. The seventh season will also be the show’s final season. The decision to end the series comes as Showtime plans to develop multiple spin-offs based on Billions for the newly rebranded Paramount+ with Showtime.

The show’s creators, Brian Koppelman and David Levien, are developing four potential spin-off series. One of the spin-offs, titled Millions, will follow rising financiers, while another spin-off, called Trillions, will focus on the lives of the ultra-rich. There are also two untitled spin-offs in the works, which will be set in Miami and London, respectively.

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The logline for the seventh season of Billions states that alliances will be turned on their heads, old wounds will be weaponized, and loyalties will be tested. The stakes will grow from Wall Street to the world as enemies become wary friends and betrayals reach epic proportions. Bobby Axelrod, played by Damian Lewis, will return.

Billions is created and executive produced by showrunners Brian Koppelman and David Levien, along with Andrew Ross Sorkin. The show can be streamed on Showtime’s platforms.

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