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Update on Margaret Josephs’ Relationship With Teresa Giudice

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In a recent update, Margaret Josephs from Real Housewives of New Jersey revealed her current relationship with Teresa Giudice after the tumultuous Season 13 reunion. According to Josephs, the reunion said it all, implying that their friendship has likely ended. Josephs also addressed the possibility of filming with Luis Ruelas, Giudice’s boyfriend, stating that she is not afraid to film with anyone and that she has standards. However, she does not see a bright future for the Gorga/Giudice family feud.

Josephs remains optimistic about Season 14, believing that it will be a fantastic follow-up to the madness of last year. She intends to be authentically herself and hopes that the women can move past their disagreements and have a good time together. Despite the uncertainty surrounding production start dates, it is likely that the cast is preparing to film and bring some positivity to New Jersey.

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The big question remains whether Josephs will be able to regain Giudice’s approval and repair their friendship. As for Season 14, there is hope that it will be less toxic than the previous season. Ultimately, fans will have to wait and see how the relationships and dynamics unfold on the show.

Overall, it seems that there is still tension between Josephs and Giudice, but Josephs is determined to stay true to herself and maintain her standards. She remains hopeful for the future of the show and believes that the women can move past their differences and have a good time together.

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