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Venom Resolves an Epic Fan Dispute: The Significance of Symbiote Colors

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In Venom #8, a new red symbiote is introduced, suggesting that there is a hierarchy of symbiote colors. This contradicts the previous notion that symbiote colors were only used to distinguish one symbiote from another. The introduction of the white Anti-Venom further solidifies this hierarchy, placing it as one of the strongest symbiotes.

Previously, fans of Venom have debated whether or not symbiote colors held any significance. The recent film Venom: Let There Be Carnage hinted at a hierarchy of colors by acknowledging Carnage as “a red one.” However, the comics never provided a clear explanation for the meaning behind different colored symbiotes.

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In Venom #8, Eddie Brock travels to the future where symbiotes have gained even more power. He encounters a larger symbiote with spikes in its body, and upon seeing it, Brock’s first observation is that “That’s a red one.” While this line may seem like a nod to the movie, it actually confirms the idea that symbiote colors have meaning in the lore.

In the past, it was believed that Carnage’s red color was due to his bonding with Cletus Kasady through his blood. Carnage has always been depicted as stronger and deadlier than Venom due to his rage and bloodlust, but never explicitly because of his color. Other Marvel writers and artists have suggested that color serves primarily to distinguish one symbiote from another.

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However, Venom #8 changes these assumptions by introducing a red symbiote that is stronger than Venom. This confirms the existence of a hierarchy, at least in which red symbiotes are naturally stronger than black symbiotes. The implications for symbiotes of other colors like green, purple, or yellow are still unknown. It is worth noting that the white Anti-Venom is also one of the strongest symbiotes, with a unique ability to kill other symbiotes. This further establishes the hierarchy and places Anti-Venom at the top.

Overall, fans of Venom can now be assured that symbiote colors do matter and should pay attention to moments like this that confirm the significance of different colored symbiotes. The introduction of the red symbiote and the hierarchy it implies adds a new layer to the symbiote lore in the Marvel universe.

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