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Wayne Brady Confirms His Pansexuality

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Hulu recently announced that they will be featuring Wayne Brady and his family in a reality series. The show will document Wayne, his ex-wife Mandie Taketa, their daughter Maile Brady, and Mandie’s partner Jason Fordham. This unique family dynamic, with Wayne co-parenting alongside Mandie and Jason, seemed like a promising premise for a TV show.

Wayne Brady is a well-known actor and host, with numerous credits and awards to his name. He is generally well-liked by audiences, making a reality show centered around him an appealing idea. However, there is more to Wayne than meets the eye.

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In an interview with People, Wayne opened up about his sexuality. He revealed that he identifies as pansexual, which means he can be attracted to anyone regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Wayne explained that he took pansexuality to mean that he can be attracted to not just the physical appearance of a person, but also their inner self.

The news of his pansexuality was met with support from his family. Mandie, his ex-wife, said she was happy for him and believed that coming out would make him happier. Their daughter Maile also expressed her support with a proud smile.

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Wayne also discussed his career as a host and expressed some discontent with how it defined him. While he loves hosting, Wayne considers himself an actor at heart and prefers to be known for his characters rather than as a personality. He admitted that he is an introvert and found it difficult when fans thought they knew him just from watching him as a host. He desires to be recognized as a character, possibly the character of Wayne Brady.

Wayne has taken steps to work on himself and his relationships. He underwent therapy and received treatment for love addiction. He questioned his sexuality due to his unsuccessful relationships with women but ultimately realized that he felt attraction towards both men and women. Wayne struggled with shame and not being forthcoming with himself about his sexuality. However, he has a supportive community of friends in the LGBTQ+ community.

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Currently, Wayne is focusing on being the best version of himself. He is single but views it as an opportunity to work on himself before making any decisions about relationships. He wants to be free and open to other people as a single, open-minded pansexual.

Overall, Wayne’s coming out has been met with support and pride from those around him. He is proud of who he is today and is continuing on his journey towards self-discovery and self-acceptance.

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