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What’s New in The Divorce of Lisa and Lenny Hochstein?

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The Real Housewives of Miami Season 5 caused a lot of drama for Lisa and Lenny Hochstein. Lenny, a plastic surgeon, cheated on Lisa and filed for divorce, causing a lot of backlash from fans. The couple had been married since 2009, with Lenny being much older than Lisa. It was clear that Lenny liked to date younger women, and he was spotted with a 27-year-old Austrian model named Katharina Mazepa. The divorce has been anything but clean-cut, with both Lenny and Lisa making ugly accusations against each other.

One interesting aspect of their divorce is their prenuptial agreement. According to Newsweek, the agreement stated that if their marriage dissolved, Lenny would pay Lisa amounts ranging from $125,000 to $1.5 million, depending on the length of their marriage. Lisa would also receive a weekly allowance of $1,000, but this would end if they separated. The prenup also stated that Lisa would have to leave the marital home within 30 days of filing or if a judge ordered it.

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The couple is currently in litigation over their mansion, which has a $4 million mortgage. Lenny claims that he still has the loan because the interest rate is lower than the market rate. Lisa is staying in the mansion with their two children, while Lenny is living elsewhere.

Another twist in their divorce is a restraining order filed by Katharina against Lisa. Katharina accused Lisa of stalking her and making threatening phone calls. Lisa also allegedly created fake social media accounts. This added to the already tense situation between Lisa and Lenny.

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Lisa also claimed that she felt financially strangled by Lenny during their marriage. She alleged that he would restrict her access to funds if she didn’t comply with his demands. This included a joint credit card that was supposed to be for Lisa’s personal use but was monitored by Lenny.

In April 2023, a judge ordered Lenny to pay Lisa $8,000 monthly in temporary support. He was also ordered to maintain the lifestyle that Lisa and their children were accustomed to. It was reported that the couple was close to finalizing their divorce after entering a settlement agreement, but no announcement has been made about its finalization. However, just days after their expected finalization, Lenny proposed to Katharina, leading many to believe it was a jab at Lisa.

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The question of whether their divorce was fair is subjective. Fans have shown support for Lisa and condemned Lenny for his behavior, but the final judgment is up to the courts.

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