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When Can We Expect Chainsaw Man Chapter 139? Find Out Where to Read It

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Chapter 139 of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s popular manga series Chainsaw Man will be released on Tuesday, Aug. 15. The chapter will be available for free to readers on the Viz Media website, Shōnen Jump, and the Manga Plus app. The entire library of the series is also available to paying members of Shōnen Jump Plus.

Chapter 138 ended with Denji being attacked in a karaoke bar while an unnamed girl sang a song, suggesting she was his enemy. However, in the latest chapter, it was revealed that this girl, Fumiko Mifune, was not actually his enemy as she protected him from one of the assailants. Yoshida then introduced her as Denji’s new personal bodyguard and part of Public Safety. Denji questioned why she didn’t save him earlier, to which Fumiko claimed she didn’t like her song being interrupted.

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The story then shifted to Asa and Yoru watching themselves on the news. Asa seemed pleased with the attention, while Yoru expressed joy at their fame for their devil-hunting deeds. However, Asa later admitted feeling creeped out by the attention but secretly enjoyed it more than she let on. The chapter ended with Denji being approached by a stranger claiming to be Sword Man.

Chainsaw Man is part of the “Dark Shonen Trio,” a collection of shonen stories with dark themes, violence, and horror elements. The other series in the group are Hell’s Paradise and Jujutsu Kaisen, both of which have critically acclaimed anime adaptations by Studio MAPPA. Chainsaw Man’s 15th volume recently celebrated its Japanese release with an 8-bit Chainsaw Man mobile game.

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Fans can look forward to Chapter 139 of Chainsaw Man on August 15, available on Viz Media, Shōnen Jump, and the Manga Plus app. The anime adaptations of Chainsaw Man, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Hell’s Paradise can be streamed on Crunchyroll.

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