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When Will Chainsaw Man Chapter 136 Release? Find Out How to Read It

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Chapter 136 of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man will be released on July 18, 2023, and it will be available for free on the Viz Media website, Shōnen Jump, and Manga Plus app. The entire series library is also accessible to paying members of Shōnen Jump Plus.

The specific release times for Chapter 136 are as follows:

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– Pacific Time (PST): 8 a.m.
– Mountain Time (MST): 9 a.m.
– Central Time (CST): 10 a.m.
– Eastern Time (EST): 11 a.m.
– UK Time (BST): 4 p.m.
– European Time (CEST): 5 p.m.
– Indian Time (IST): 8:30 p.m.

Chapter 135, titled “Sentimental Drive,” started with a conversation between Asa and Yoru. Asa questioned the authenticity of the new Chainsaw Man shown on TV, leading to a conflict with Yoru. Yoru claimed that a war would soon start, and she intended to use the power gained from it to kill Chainsaw Man. Fami, the Famine Devil, then arrived and revealed that both Asa and Yoru could achieve their desires. Asa wanted to keep Denji alive, while Yoru wanted to kill him. Fami explained that there were two Chainsaw Men, one Red and the other Black, allowing both of them to get what they wanted. Asa then decided to become a volunteer Devil Hunter, surprising Denji when he saw her on TV.

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Chainsaw Man is part of the “Shonen Dark Trio” along with Hell’s Paradise and Jujutsu Kaisen. Despite the anime’s initial underperformance, it has been confirmed for Season 2 and a movie tie-in. The first season ended on a cliffhanger, introducing Reze, and some speculate that the upcoming movie will cover the “Bomb Girl” arc. The anime is currently available to watch on Crunchyroll, and there is no official release date for Season 2 or the film yet.

In conclusion, fans of Chainsaw Man can look forward to the release of Chapter 136 on July 18, 2023. The series is available for free on various platforms, and the specific release times for different time zones are provided. Additionally, the anime has been confirmed for Season 2, and there are speculations about a movie tie-in covering the “Bomb Girl” arc.

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