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Which fallen angel is Crowley meant to portray in Good Omens?

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Good Omens season 2 delves into Crowley’s past as an angel and raises questions about his true identity. Speculation suggests that Crowley could be the fallen Archangel Raphael, as the absence of Raphael in the show and certain hints in the new episodes indicate this possibility. The season explores Aziraphale and Crowley’s relationship through minisodes, shedding light on their origins and providing clues about Crowley’s angelic past.

In the first episode of Good Omens season 2, Aziraphale and Crowley have their first encounter before the creation of the universe. Aziraphale introduces himself, but Crowley keeps his angel name a secret, hinting at his mysterious past. Throughout the series, there are subtle hints about Crowley’s origins, potentially revealing which specific angel he used to be.

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The theory that Crowley is actually the fallen Archangel Raphael gains traction due to the absence of Raphael and the events of the premiere episode. Crowley sets the universe in motion during his interaction with Aziraphale but never reveals his name, unlike a previous encounter in the Garden of Eden where he openly introduces himself. Good Omens season 2 further amplifies the hints about Crowley’s true identity, as he collaborates with the “concept designer” of the universe, hinting at his authority and influence.

Raphael is associated with fostering harmonious unions, love, and marriage, which aligns with the narrative in Good Omens season 2. Crowley attempts to bring Nina and Maggie together through a orchestrated natural phenomenon. Other moments, such as Crowley gaining access to Heaven’s interface, suggest that he possesses the authority of a higher-up member of Heaven.

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In a conversation with Shax in the first episode of Good Omens season 2, Crowley suggests that he may have been responsible for a powerful angelic miracle. These instances portray Crowley as a formidable angel before his fall, similar to the depiction of Archangel Raphael. Further exploration in future seasons may reveal more about Crowley’s past and confirm whether he is Raphael or an original fallen angel.

The idea that Crowley is Lucifer is subtly debunked in season 1. While Crowley is shown as the serpent who tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden and is referred to as a “light-bringer,” his separation from Lucifer suggests that they are not the same person. However, season 2 introduces the concept of memory being wiped, hinting that Crowley’s true identity could still be revealed. Season 3 may provide further insights, especially considering Aziraphale’s new role as the Supreme Archangel in Heaven.

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Overall, Good Omens season 2 explores Crowley’s past and leaves viewers speculating about his true angelic identity. The absence of Raphael and the hints throughout the episodes contribute to the theories that Crowley may be the fallen Archangel Raphael or even Lucifer. The concept of memory being wiped opens up the potential for future seasons to reveal Crowley’s true nature.

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