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Who emerged as the winner and was the veto put into action?

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In the first week of Big Brother 25, Hisam Goueli won the Power of Veto. The Head of Household, Reilly, played in the Veto competition along with nominees Kirsten and Felicia. Other players in the competition were Blue, Bowie, and Hisam. Reilly was confident that she could get the votes to send Kirsten home, so she wanted things to stay the same. Hisam said he didn’t want to rock the boat, and ultimately decided not to use the Veto.

This means that Kirsten and Felicia are still the final nominees, and one of them will be evicted from the house. While Kirsten is trying to campaign to stay in the house, her eviction seems likely. However, in a twist, some fans have been calling for the eviction to be canceled altogether. This is due to an incident where another Houseguest, Luke Valentine, used a racial slur. CBS has not yet taken action against Luke, and he is still in the running for the $750,000 grand prize.

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The episode ends by announcing that Big Brother will continue to air on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

Overall, the news of Hisam winning the Power of Veto and deciding not to use it has set the stage for the upcoming eviction. Fans are divided on whether the eviction should proceed as planned or be canceled due to the incident involving Luke Valentine. The show will continue to air, and viewers are left wondering who will be the first Houseguest to be evicted.

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