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Why Timothy Dalton’s 007 Exit Is Further Disappointing Due to a James Bond Movie Rule

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Timothy Dalton’s portrayal of James Bond brought a darker and more realistic tone to the franchise. Initially, his movies were seen as too dour and humorless but have since gained appreciation. Sadly, Dalton’s tenure as Bond was cut short and he never got the chance to make a third film.

The third movie in a James Bond actor’s run tends to be their best, as it allows them to refine their portrayal of the character. This was seen with Sean Connery in “Goldfinger,” Roger Moore in “The Spy Who Loved Me,” and Daniel Craig in “Skyfall.” Dalton’s potential third film could have solidified his legacy as Bond.

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Dalton had signed on for three Bond movies and had plans for a third and fourth film. However, legal troubles surrounding the franchise resulted in a long hiatus and when Dalton’s contract ended, he decided to move on. There was brief consideration for him to return in “GoldenEye,” but he would have had to commit to multiple future films, leading to his official departure.

The fact that Dalton only made two Bond movies is often seen as a negative, but a third film could have allowed him to further develop and perfect his portrayal. The disappointment of Dalton’s exit is compared to that of George Lazenby, who also only made one Bond film. Lazenby’s decision to leave the role was considered a mistake, and he has since expressed regret.

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Overall, Timothy Dalton’s darker take on James Bond is now appreciated, and a third film could have solidified his legacy within the franchise. Despite only making two movies, Dalton’s work continues to be admired and his portrayal of Bond only improves with time.

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