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Will Culture Serve as the Catalyst for Tj & Kimberly’s Relationship’s Demise?

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90 Day Fiancé couple Kimberly and TJ are facing potential relationship issues due to clashes over their cultural differences. Kimberly, a spiritualist from Alabama, initially rejected TJ’s friend request on Facebook but eventually connected with him and got engaged after moving to India. However, Kimberly called off the wedding due to issues with the apartment and expressed her dissatisfaction with TJ’s Indian culture, finding it sexist.

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The couple had planned to move to Jaipur and live in an apartment above TJ’s family home. However, Kimberly realized that this meant she would have little to no privacy and would be expected to fulfill traditional daughter-in-law duties. Additionally, the poorly constructed apartment also influenced her decision to call off the wedding.

During their fights, Kimberly expressed her disapproval of TJ’s culture, calling it sexist. TJ, on the other hand, was offended when Kimberly called him a derogatory term, which he translated as a cuss word in his Hindi language. Kimberly explained that she meant it to convey his mean behavior. TJ, however, believed that the term was inappropriate for Kimberly to use as a woman, as it disrespected him as a man.

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90 Day Fiancé fans have mocked Kimberly for not understanding or accepting TJ’s culture, citing similar struggles of past couples on the show. Some fans joked that Kimberly’s efforts to change TJ’s mindset and cultural beliefs were unlikely to succeed. Others pointed out that she should have anticipated these issues if she truly believed that she was guided by her spiritual guides to be with TJ.

It is noted that other women in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise have faced similar challenges in attempting to change their Indian partners’ cultural beliefs and attachments to their families. In these cases, the men have consistently chosen their culture over their American partners, often hiding important information about their families. Given that Kimberly spent a year in India before planning to marry TJ, it is suggested that she should have been aware of the life he desired and the traditional expectations he had for his wife.

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