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Xavier’s “Villain” Behavior on The Bachelorette Season 20: Spotting 10 Red Flags (With His Knitted Scarf Included)

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On season 20 of The Bachelorette, Xavier Bonner was eliminated by Charity Lawson due to his past infidelity and doubts about commitment. Charity had doubts and concerns about Xavier throughout the season, leading to a lack of trust in their relationship. Xavier’s attempts to appear perfect made him come across as fake and inauthentic.

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Charity eliminated Xavier before their Fantasy Suite date after he revealed that he had cheated on his ex-girlfriend and expressed uncertainty about fully committing to Charity. While Xavier had a strong start on the show, their connection grew during their one-on-one and hometown dates. However, Xavier’s behavior started raising red flags for Charity early on.

Charity frequently mentioned that Xavier reminded her of her ex-boyfriend in a negative way. She questioned whether Xavier was different, but the doubt lingered in her mind until their Fantasy Suite date. Charity’s lack of trust in Xavier was evident throughout the season. She expressed doubts about him, which she had never done with her other suitors. Charity believed Xavier’s declaration of falling in love with her during his hometown date, but still had reservations before the Fantasy Suites.

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Throughout the show, Xavier appeared too-good-to-be-true and came across as fake. He tried to hide his flaws, leading viewers and Charity to question his authenticity. Xavier’s late admission of his past infidelity was seen as too little, too late. Charity wished he had been honest from the beginning, knowing that infidelity was a sensitive topic for her due to her past experiences.

Xavier revealed that he had cheated on his ex-girlfriend multiple times in just five days. He admitted he did it because he wanted her to be a certain way, and when she wasn’t, he acted selfishly. This raised concerns for Charity, who wondered if the saying “once a cheater, always a cheater” applied to Xavier.

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When asked what he had learned from his cheating experience, Xavier provided a vague response, which disappointed Charity. She felt he didn’t give a genuine answer, suggesting he hadn’t truly reflected on his actions.

During their Fantasy Suite date, Charity asked Xavier if he could promise not to cheat on her. He hesitated and said he needed to be 100% sure she was the one to make that commitment. Charity realized he couldn’t guarantee faithfulness, leading to her decision to eliminate him. Xavier’s suggestion that he needed to sleep with Charity before making a commitment further frustrated her.

Overall, Xavier’s attempt to be the man Charity wanted him to be was seen as trying too hard. His discomfort during the Fijian marriage rituals showcased his lack of readiness for the pressures of the show. Charity believes their relationship may have worked out in a less intense dating scenario.

While Xavier disappointed Charity and viewers with his exit, it is clear that he has a good heart. He works in the biomedical field and was inspired by his mother’s battle with multiple sclerosis. Although they couldn’t make their relationship work, it is hoped that both Charity and Xavier can find closure and move on with their lives.

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