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You and DC’s Most Underrated Hero Join Forces for the Ultimate Superhero Team-Up

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The Multiversity: Ultra Comics #1, written by Grant Morrison, is a unique and mind-bending comic that involves the reader as an active participant in the story. The Multiversity is an epic event series that explores the different Earths of the DC Multiverse and features Lovecraftian horrors. Each issue of The Multiversity pairs Morrison with a different artist to chronicle the various universes and their heroes.

In Ultra Comics, the reader becomes a “real superhero” in the book. The story takes place on Earth-33, also known as “Earth-Prime,” which is a world without any super-humans. In this meta twist, the comic that the reader is holding becomes the hero of the book, teaming up with the hero “Ultra Comics” to fend off the invasion of the Gentry. This concept allows for the reader to be a part of the adventure and be a superhero themselves.

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Morrison explains that Ultra Comics is unique in the way it interacts with the individual reader. By reading the comic, the reader becomes a part of a network of minds across time and space. This means that readers in other times and places are concentrating their attention on the same words and images. As a result, everyone who reads Ultra Comics becomes a superhero themselves and a living part of a time-and-space-spanning “Multi-Mind.”

This concept of involving the reader as an active participant in the narrative is a natural evolution of Morrison’s career in superhero comics. They famously broke the fourth wall and appeared as a character in their run on Animal Man. Including the reader as a superhero in Ultra Comics takes this concept even further.

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If readers have ever wanted to be a superhero, all they have to do is read Grant Morrison’s The Multiversity: Ultra Comics #1. This comic allows readers to become a real superhero in the real world and be a part of a time-and-space-spanning adventure. The Multiversity: Ultra Comics #1 is available now from DC Comics.

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