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Why is The Super Mario Movie Coming Out Early?

Super Mario Bros Movie Premiere Moved Up Two Days Globally

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The Super Mario Bros movie is set to premiere in just one short month and fans are buzzing with excitement. But what’s even more surprising is that the release date has been moved up from April 7th to April 5th in the US and in over 60 markets globally. Japan will have its showing on April 28th, with further releases in May.

Why Is The Super Mario Bros Movie by Nintendo and Illumination Releasing Early

The question on everyone’s mind is why? Nintendo and Illumination have yet to release an official explanation, but the answer is likely to be money. By releasing the film two days earlier, they believe that they will maximize profits. This is especially true because of the timing of the release date. Easter Sunday falls on April 9th, and by giving audiences two extra days to see the movie, they’re extending the very important opening weekend. Now, those who may be too busy around the holiday can just watch it earlier in the week. This translates to more people going to see the movie earlier in the week, and of course, more money in the pockets of the studios.

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What’s clear is that this announcement reveals that the movie is pretty much finished. Despite initial setbacks and concerns among fans, it’s now seeming like this film is set to be one of the biggest box office successes of the year. With a universally recognized character such as Mario and excellent marketing to boot, it’s no surprise that this movie is set to descend on every major market across the globe in a similar timeframe.

Despite concerns among fans about video game movies not performing well in the past, the stage seems set for a potential hit. The Super Mario Bros movie marks the start of a new era for Nintendo, one in which they’re tapping into the film industry and looking to tell the stories of their beloved and well-known characters to an even broader audience.

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Nintendo’s Strategy With The Super Mario Movie and Future Titles

The Super Mario Bros movie looks to be a great move for the beloved video game company, and it looks like it has an excellent chance of breaking box office records. The sheer hype that surrounds the film, plus the extensive marketing campaign and worldwide release, point to a solid decision made by the studios involved.

Nintendo's Strategy With The Super Mario Movie and Future Titles

What’s for certain is that fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of one the most iconic video game characters to hit theaters. This anticipated event is sure to translate to box office success. Perhaps it will also serve as a great source of inspiration for other video game companies who are considering moving into the film industry in the future.

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As we count down the days towards the release, it’s worth noting that this is set to be a momentous occasion not only for video game movies but for Nintendo as a whole. Fans of the revered character will finally, after years of hoping and speculating, see Mario come life on the big screen. If the famous video game series has anything to say about the film industry now, it looks like it’s “Game over, man” – Nintendo has officially moved into the business of big-screen entertainment.

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