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Zordon Possibly Returning in Power Rangers Once and Always

Could the Iconic Power Rangers Mentor Make a Comeback in Netflix's 30th-Anniversary Special?

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Fans of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are eagerly anticipating Netflix’s 30th-anniversary special, hoping to see some of the original cast members and iconic villains. Among them, one character’s absence has been noted: Zordon, the wise and powerful mentor of the Power Rangers. However, some fans believe that Zordon could still make an appearance in the upcoming special, based on clues and hints from the trailer and past episodes. In this article, we will explore the possibility of Zordon’s return, the reasons why fans want to see him, and how Netflix could include him in the script.

Why Zordon’s Return in Critical to the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Reunion Special

Why Do Fans Want to See Him Again? Zordon is a key character in the Power Rangers franchise, first introduced in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series in 1993. He is a wise and powerful alien who recruits and trains the teenage superheroes to fight against evil forces, such as Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, and the Machine Empire. Zordon communicates with the Rangers through a telepathic link and guides them with his vast knowledge and experience. Zordon was a beloved character among fans of the show, who admired his wisdom, compassion, and leadership.

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He also had a distinctive appearance, as he was depicted as a giant head in a tube of energy, floating above the command center. Zordon was played by actor David Fielding, who also provided his voice.

However, Zordon’s storyline came to a tragic end in the Power Rangers in Space season, where he sacrifices himself to destroy the evil villain Dark Specter and save the universe. Since then, Zordon has only appeared in flashbacks, dreams, or alternate dimensions in subsequent Power Rangers series.

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Despite his absence, Zordon remains a fan-favorite character, and many viewers would love to see him again in the upcoming Netflix special. Some fans speculate that Zordon’s return could be linked to the time travel element hinted in the trailer, which could allow the Rangers to visit different eras and interact with past characters.

How Could Zordon Return in the Netflix Special?

If Zordon were to make a comeback in the Netflix special, there are several ways that the writers could incorporate him into the story. One possibility is that the Rangers could encounter a version of Zordon from an alternate timeline or universe, where he may have survived his sacrifice or returned to life. This would allow the character to make a cameo or a brief appearance without altering the continuity of the previous seasons.

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Another option is to have Zordon appear in a dream sequence or a flashback, where he could impart some important advice or knowledge to the Rangers. Alternatively, Zordon could manifest as a hologram or an AI program, which the Rangers could activate or communicate with when they face a difficult challenge or a new enemy.

Regardless of how Zordon returns, his appearance in the Netflix special would be a treat for longtime fans of the Power Rangers franchise. It would also provide a nod to the show’s history and legacy, which has spanned three decades and multiple generations of fans.

In conclusion, while there is no confirmation yet of Zordon’s appearance in the upcoming Netflix special, his return remains a possibility that many fans are eagerly anticipating. Whether he appears as a hologram, an alternate version, or in a flashback, Zordon’s wisdom and guidance would be a welcome addition to the show’s 30th-anniversary celebration.

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