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Couples We’d Love to See on Bravo

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Love is always in the air in the realm of reality TV, and with new stars constantly joining the Bravo family, there are always possibilities for exciting new hookups. While shows like Real Housewives usually feature married or seriously dating women, other shows like Winter House or Southern Charm have more single members, leading to potential make-outs and after-dark flirting. With multiple crossovers between shows, fans can’t help but imagine which Bravo couples would make a great match if given the chance.

Potential Couples on Bravo

One potential couple that fans are rooting for is Brian Benni from Family Karma and Kathryn Dennis from Southern Charm. Brian’s witty one-liners and humorous personality have made him a breakout star, and his childlike nature could be the perfect fit for Kathryn, who has had a string of bad luck with men. With two children and a desire for a strong support system, Kathryn could benefit from Brian’s loving and supportive family. Both stars also live on the East Coast, so distance wouldn’t be an issue.

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Another potential match is between Below Deck Sailing Yacht stars Alex Propson and Lucy Edmunds. Fans believe that the two look good together and both showed empathy and support towards their crew members on the boat. While Alex had a crush on another crew member, Mads Herrera, it would be interesting to see him explore a relationship with Lucy, who is a recent graduate, well-traveled, and has a strong sense of family. Alex has already signed on for the next season of Winter House, and if producers were to bring Lucy on board, sparks could potentially fly.

Gizelle Bryant from Real Housewives of Potomac and Jason Cameron from Winter House have also been linked together in the past. While their friendship didn’t seem to lead to a romantic relationship, fans believe that Jason could be the one to break down Gizelle’s walls. After going through a miscarriage with Lindsay Hubbard, Gizelle could have been a great source of support for Jason. Jason is known for his kindness and acts of service, which would surely impress Gizelle. Despite their slight age difference, Jason’s maturity and Gizelle’s attraction to younger men could work in their favor.

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Lastly, fans would love to see Married to Medicine’s Quad Webb and Amir Lancaster from Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard together. Quad is a fierce and intelligent woman who stands up for herself and lives life on her own terms, while Amir won over viewers with his genuine and deep connection-seeking nature. Both of them have Southern roots and understand the expectations of Southern society. Their shared drive to succeed and their compatibility as Southern gentleman and belle would make for an explosive and fulfilling relationship.

Overall, fans are excited about the potential love connections within the Bravo universe. These couples would bring excitement, compatibility, and love to their respective shows, and viewers can’t wait to see if these matches actually happen.

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