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Erika Jayne Left ‘Confused’ Following Confrontation with Denise Richards

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Denise Richards is making a return to Season 13 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and it seems she has a bone to pick with Erika Jayne. This comes after Denise revealed that she had a dramatic altercation with Erika at a cast dinner.

Confrontation with Denise Richards

Denise’s return to the hit reality TV series comes three years after she left the show on less than friendly terms. With Lisa Rinna out of the picture, Denise has found a new target in Erika.

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The drama unfolded during a THC-infused dinner hosted by Kyle Richards. Erika described the event, stating that Denise started bringing up past issues, leaving the entire table confused. When asked to be more specific, Denise simply told them to watch the show. Erika defended herself by saying she had already apologized for her behavior towards Garcelle Beauvais’ sons, Oliver Saunders and Jax. She claimed that Denise was bringing up old issues and trying to check her.

In addition, Erika revealed that Denise had called her a “bot monster,” referencing the online harassment that Jax had received after appearing on the show. Erika denied having anything to do with the harassment. The two reality stars confronted each other again at a Taco Tuesday event, with Erika insisting that Denise was misdirecting her anger and should focus on other cast members like Brandi Glanville and Lisa Rinna.

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It is clear that Erika is not one to back down, but the question remains: will she be able to stand her ground against Denise? Only time will tell how this feud will play out during the season.

The article concludes by asking readers if they are surprised by Denise feuding with Erika and if they think Denise was wrong to accuse Erika of being a “bot monster.” It also prompts speculation on how the season will unfold between the two reality stars.

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