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Expectations for the Vanderpump Rules Spin Off: Our Anticipated Desires

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Bravo recently announced that Vanderpump Rules would end after its tenth season. However, the news of a spin-off series has caught the attention of viewers. The spin-off could involve original cast members returning, some cast members leaving, and even a focus on the Vanderpump kids. Fans are eagerly anticipating what the spin-off has in store.

Vanderpump Rules Spin Off: Our Anticipated Desires

One of the most desired aspects of the spin-off is the return of original founding members Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, and Jax Taylor. Despite their less-than-stellar behavior, these OGs brought drama and excitement to the show. It would be nostalgic to see the old gang reunite and reminisce about their early days at SUR.

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The early seasons of Vanderpump Rules were captivating with their tangled love lives and explosive fights. From Stassi slapping Kristen to Jax’s numerous infidelities, the OGs provided unforgettable moments. The catchy song by Scheana Shay, “Good as Gold,” is a testament to their impact on the show.

Lala Kent confirmed that the spin-off is indeed happening during an Amazon Live session. She expressed her excitement to have a show featuring both the Vanderpump Rules cast and the spin-off cast. Kristen Doute and her boyfriend, Luke Broderick, have reportedly signed on for the spin-off as well. It’s no surprise considering Kristen played a significant role in the Vanderpump Rules storyline despite facing backlash for her racist comments.

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There are also rumors that The Bachelor alum Jasmine Goode, who previously worked at SUR, could join the spin-off. She formed close relationships with some of the cast members and would be a seamless addition to the show.

The spin-off will focus on the cast members navigating their lives as parents. Many of the OGs have transitioned from bartending to baby bottles. This shift in focus has drawn comparisons to the TV show Full House. Viewers are excited to see Jax’s reactions to diaper changes and witness the cast’s journey into parenthood.

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Fans of Scheana Shay’s podcast Scheananigans will be pleased to know that Scheana’s co-host, Janet Caperna, and her husband, Jason Caperna, will also be part of the spin-off. The show has already begun filming, and the first scenes took place at Janet’s birthday party. Other cast members present included Jax, Brittany Cartwright, Kristen, and Luke. Janet is also expecting a baby, which will provide ample opportunity for playdates with the other cast members’ children.

Several new faces will also make their reality TV debut on the spin-off. Former Miss USA Nia Sanchez and her husband, Daniel Booko, will appear on the show with their twins. Real estate agents Michelle Lally and Jesse Lally, who are a married couple with a three-year-old daughter, have also been spotted filming. With this mix of old and new faces, there will certainly be plenty of diaper-changing duties among the cast. Perhaps Lisa Vanderpump will even step in as the nanny.

While Jax and his wife, Brittany, are the only OGs who have confirmed their participation in the spin-off, fans hope the show won’t solely revolve around Jax. He was a controversial figure on Vanderpump Rules and was even fired for making insensitive comments. Viewers would like to see Brittany have a larger role in their relationship, as Jax’s antics were often the focus of their storyline. It would be entertaining to watch Brittany attempt to rein in her unpredictable husband.

In conclusion, fans of Vanderpump Rules are eagerly anticipating the spin-off and hope to see the return of OG cast members, the addition of new faces, and a focus on the cast members’ lives as parents. The spin-off has the potential to bring back the drama and excitement that made Vanderpump Rules a hit in its earlier seasons.

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