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Karine Martins of 90 Day Fiancé Addresses Rumors of Third Baby

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90 Day Fiancé star Karine Martins has sparked rumors of her being pregnant after her husband Paul Staehle went missing in Brazil. The couple met on the show and got married in Brazil in 2017. They have two sons together, Pierre and Ethan. Karine shared Instagram stories showing her cradling a baby bump, but it is unclear if the photos are recent or from a previous pregnancy.

Karine Martins Addresses Rumors of Third Baby

Before the pregnancy rumors, Karine had posted on Instagram asking for prayers for her husband who had gone missing in Brazil. It is unclear why Paul is in Brazil and why he has disappeared. The couple has a complicated history, including accusations of cheating and the loss of custody of their children. They had split after a video showing them engaged in a domestic fight was leaked online, but announced they were back together in April 2023.

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The last time Karine was pregnant, Paul had asked her to take a DNA test because he suspected she was pregnant with another man’s child. Karine went through a miscarriage before giving birth to Ethan. Karine’s U.S. visa hasn’t been approved yet and Paul was looking to get residency approved in Brazil.

Both of Karine’s sons are currently with foster parents as she and Paul lost custody of them in December 2021. It is unclear why they lost custody and why Paul is still in Brazil despite their reconciliation. The couple’s relationship has been tumultuous, and their actions and decisions have often been questioned.

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Overall, there are rumors that Karine Martins is pregnant again, but she has not confirmed it. The photos on her Instagram stories show her with a baby bump, but it is unclear if they are recent or from a previous pregnancy. The couple’s complicated history and the current mystery surrounding Paul’s disappearance in Brazil adds to the intrigue of the situation.

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