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Kenny Falls Short as a 90 Day Fiancé Franchise Husband

Kenny fails to acknowledge Armando's fears about moving to Mexico City

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Kenny Niedermeier from the reality show 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way is portrayed as a below-average partner to Armando Rubio. Kenny, a 61-year-old resident of Florida, met Armando, a 34-year-old Mexican, on social media a few years ago. Despite the long distance, they started a relationship and Kenny made the decision to move to Mexico to be with Armando.

Kenny and Armando 90 Day Fiancé

Kenny and Armando were seen as a strong couple on the show, supporting each other through various challenges and eventually getting married. They built a family together and became business partners and commentators on the 90 Day Fiancé spin-offs.

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However, it is revealed that Kenny has some concerning behavior as a partner to Armando. In the show’s fifth season, Kenny wants to move to Mexico City, but Armando is hesitant. Instead of addressing Armando’s fears, Kenny uses Armando’s daughter, Hannah, to push him into agreeing to the move. This kind of emotional manipulation is not healthy in a relationship.

Furthermore, Kenny fails to acknowledge Armando’s fears about moving to Mexico City. He let Armando shop alone in a market where nobody spoke English, highlighting the potential issues they may face if they move. This lack of support and understanding for Armando’s concerns is concerning.

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Kenny and Armando 90 Day Fiancé

Additionally, Kenny has consistently failed to learn Spanish over the last four years, despite being in a relationship with a Spanish-speaking partner. He claims to have a disability that prevents him from understanding the language, but some viewers feel that he isn’t making enough of an effort. Learning Spanish could have helped prevent the debate about moving to Mexico City, as he would have a better understanding of Armando’s native language.

In conclusion, Kenny’s actions and behavior as a partner to Armando show that he is below-average. He uses emotional manipulation, fails to acknowledge his partner’s fears, and has not made an effort to learn Spanish. These issues raise concerns about the health of their relationship and their ability to make decisions together.

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