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Recap of Episode 8 in Season 14 of Real Housewives of New York

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In the latest episode of Real Housewives of New York, tensions escalate as the fallout from Erin Lichy storming out of Brynn Whitfield’s wreath-making party continues. Despite many thinking that Erin is overreacting to Brynn’s flirtatious behavior, Erin remains upset and decides to confront Brynn during a girls’ trip to Anguilla.

Season 14 of Real Housewives

Before the trip, Sai De Silva and Ubah Hassan meet up to shop for resort wear. They discuss Jenna Lyons, who always brings products she endorses to the parties, and express their concern about the intentions behind these gifts. They agree that promoting someone for free isn’t fair unless they’re getting paid for it.

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Sai then fills Ubah in on Erin’s meltdown at the wreath-making party, including Erin’s irritation at Brynn’s joke about getting together with Erin’s husband. Sai recounts how Erin walked out of the party, leaving Brynn and Erin to face each other again on the upcoming trip.

Meanwhile, Jenna’s brother Spencer visits her from California. They reminisce about their time in NYC and discuss Jenna’s transition from her long career at J.Crew to exploring new opportunities. Jenna also opens up to Spencer about her self-consciousness regarding her genetic condition, which affects her teeth and leaves her with scars all over her body. She worries about wearing a bathing suit in front of the other women in Anguilla, who she perceives as “gorgeous.”

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Brynn, on the other hand, reconnects with her brother in Los Angeles. They discuss Brynn’s single status and her desire to have a family. However, she admits to subconsciously running away from commitment due to her parents abandoning her as a baby.

Two weeks later, Erin pays a visit to Jenna while she’s recovering from oral surgery. Erin brings her homemade soup and expresses her concern about the upcoming trip to Anguilla, still upset about her confrontation with Brynn. Erin vents about Brynn constantly talking about divorce and wife swapping and how it’s starting to affect their friendship.

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At Jessel Taank’s house, she confronts her husband Pavit about his plan to go to Vietnam while she’s in Anguilla. Pavit claims he needs “time to himself” and wants to try banh mi sandwiches in Vietnam. In response, Jessel suggests booking him a hotel in New York instead, causing an argument between them.

Finally, the ladies (minus Jenna) gather at the airport for their trip to Anguilla. Erin decides to make peace with Brynn, stating that she wants to enjoy her vacation and put the past behind them.

As tensions continue to rise, it remains to be seen how the ladies’ trip to Anguilla will unfold and if Erin and Brynn can resolve their issues. Real Housewives of New York continues to offer plenty of drama, ensuring fans keep tuning in for each episode.

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