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Recap of Season 14, Episode 6 of The Real Housewives of New York

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The Real Housewives of New York Season 14, Episode 6 opens with Ubah Hassan meeting Erin Lichy at jewelry designer Jacob Arabo’s NYC shop. Ubah has brought Erin to pick out pieces to borrow for her upcoming tenth-anniversary party. Meanwhile, Brynn Whitfield and Jessel Taank are shopping for something to wear to the party. Brynn, who has been engaged three times, is having trouble finding someone to settle down with. She confesses that it’s easier to say yes to a proposal than to say no, even if she knows the relationship won’t work out. Brynn expresses her desire to settle down and get married.

Episode 6 of The Real Housewives

Later, Erin and Abe have a private anniversary dinner. Abe surprises Erin with a wooden box containing a ring with a diamond the size of a Ring Pop. Erin is shocked and thrilled by the gift. They share a conversation about their differences and how they complement each other.

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Jessel is under a deadline to submit applications for her twin sons’ preschool. She considers two schools: one that offers international education and another that is high-profile and popular among celebrities and tech entrepreneurs. However, her husband Pavit is shocked by the high tuition fees and questions the value of such an expensive education for toddlers.

At Sai De Silva’s home, her son Rio makes a mess with markers on the carpet. Sai admits that she feels lucky to have a husband who is involved in parenting, as she didn’t have a father figure growing up. Sai and her husband discuss Jessel and Erin’s argument from a previous episode and reflect on the challenges Jessel faces as a working mother of twins.

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Everyone is excited about Erin and Abe’s party. Jenna Lyons is helping her pick out an outfit, Jessel is getting her hair and makeup done, and Erin and Abe are relaxing before getting ready. However, Ubah calls and informs them that she won’t be able to attend the party due to illness.

The party takes place at Hall des Lumières, a stunning venue. Erin’s dress receives mixed reviews, with some finding it borderline tacky due to the sideboob. Brynn flirts with Erin’s father and notes the abundance of men at the party.

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Overall, the episode showcases the luxurious and sometimes complicated lives of the Real Housewives of New York, from expensive jewelry to the challenges of relationships and parenting.

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