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Recap of Season 2, Episode 10 of Below Deck Down Under

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Below Deck Down Under Season 2, Episode 10 continues with the drama and petty conflicts that viewers love from Bravo shows. The episode begins with Tzarina feeling upset after witnessing Culver kissing new second stew, Jaimee. Culver had been leading Tzarina on with flirtation and kisses, but it becomes clear that he is more interested in pursuing a fling with Jaimee. Tzarina confides in João about her feelings of insecurity, and João unintentionally validates her negative self-perception.

Episode 10 of Below Deck Down Under

Meanwhile, inside the club, Harry asks Margot for a kiss, but she is not interested and just wants to dance. Culver and Jaimee are left alone in a van on the way back to the yacht and continue their make-out session. Upon arrival, Tzarina gives Culver a light shove as she boards the yacht, displaying her disapproval. Culver sulks and claims that he doesn’t like causing drama, but his actions speak otherwise.

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The episode also features Culver and Jaimee engaging in shower sex, much to the amusement of João. The crew is entertained by Culver’s dedication to romance, joking that they wish he put the same effort into his work on deck. Adam advises Margot to have a conversation with Harry, expressing that she is not looking for anything serious. However, their conversation leads to confusion and results in Margot agreeing to just have fun with Harry.

Next, the show introduces a lovely family charter group consisting of Becky Mattson, Michelle Harrington, and their four children. The primary guests request a holiday-themed meal, allowing the crew to pick the holidays they will celebrate. João calls a meeting with the deck crew to address the “bitching” happening behind his back, but when given the opportunity to voice their grievances, Harry, Adam, and Culver remain silent.

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Jaimee attempts to clear the air with Tzarina but is met with a negative response. Tzarina asks Jaimee not to touch her and explains that she needs some space. In confessional, Tzarina admits to experiencing childhood flashbacks and feeling like an outcast compared to Culver and Jaimee.

Aesha and Jason express their longing for their respective family members. Aesha recalls playing games with her nieces and emphasizes the importance of teaching them that life can be harsh. As the yacht departs for Green Island, Adam learns from João, who offers him some deckhand tips. Adam begins to warm up to João, while Culver continues to make poor decisions, such as altering his uniform without permission.

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On the charter, the guests have a memorable experience on a disappearing island that is only accessible for a few hours each day. The crew ensures that everything goes smoothly, even though they have a limited time to enjoy the island before it becomes submerged. The guests are thrilled with the food and commend the crew for their excellent service.

Tzarina prepares a Halloween-themed starter for the holiday dinner, followed by a Christmas-themed main course featuring stuffed turkey. Aesha teaches Margot how to lay a table, and their bond strengthens. João and Tzarina seem flirty in the galley, and João expresses a desire to get to know her better. The crew dresses up for dinner, with Culver as Cupid and João stealing the show as Santa.

Overall, Below Deck Down Under Season 2, Episode 10 delivers the drama and entertainment that viewers expect from the Bravo series. The episode features romantic entanglements, conflicts among the crew, and a memorable charter with lovely guests.

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