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Recap of Season 2, Episode 12 of Below Deck Down Under

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The latest episode of Below Deck Down Under Season 2 is filled with drama and mistakes aboard the yacht Northern Sun. The deck team, led by João, continues to cause chaos, leading Captain Jason to consider getting rid of one member of the team after another huge mistake is made. Adam, who stopped the anchor from falling further before João arrived, made the mistake of not engaging the clutch before releasing the brake. João pleads Adam’s case to Captain Jason, but it may be too late. Captain Jason expresses his concern to Adam, who is devastated as he needs the gig to provide for his family.

Episode 12 of Below Deck Down Under

On the relationship front, Margot is feeling a cold shoulder from Harry after their conversation about their relationship. While it seems that Harry is giving her space, Margot feels hurt and wonders if they were just being professional in front of guests. João reminds Adam to continue showing initiative during a diving excursion, as that may be all he can do to salvage his position.

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Later, the guests enjoy a stunning meal and Harry is invited to join two of the guests in a threesome. Aesha jokes in a confessional that he wouldn’t know what to do, but everyone knows it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

João and Tzarina have a lot of chemistry, and João cares about her. Tzarina feels unloved after being rejected by Culver for Jaimee. Culver, who is not doing well on the deck team, answers back and appears incapable of taking criticism. João asks Culver to clean up a mess he left in the tender, but Culver makes excuses and it falls flat.

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Later, Culver tells Jaimee about a potential yachting gig in Barcelona and feels an “immediate connection” with her. Despite Jaimee feeling suffocated by Culver, he sees a future with her.

The crew indulges in a budgy smuggler breakfast experience as requested by the guests. Even Captain Jason gets in on the action, borrowing a pair of Harry’s to serve brunch. Margot is shocked when Jaimee tells her about the conversation with Culver, and she believes they need to slow down.

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As the boat prepares to leave the dock, the deck team gets to work except for Culver, who is preoccupied with finding a blender. He snaps back at Captain Jason after a direct order, and João takes the opportunity to throw him under the bus during the briefing. Captain Jason seems set on letting Adam go and bringing in a new lead deckhand to shake up Culver.

Overall, the episode is filled with mistakes, relationship drama, and potential crew changes. The season shows no sign of slowing down when it comes to chaos aboard the Northern Sun.

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