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Scheana Shay Commemorates Diss Track with a Fresh Tattoo

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In the ongoing drama between Scheana Shay and Rachel Leviss from Vanderpump Rules, Scheana has taken to music to express her frustrations. After Rachel accused Scheana of alleged physical assault and the subsequent fallout from their friendship, Scheana released a track called “Apples” to call out Rachel for her betrayal. Additionally, she got a tattoo of an apple on her inner arm to commemorate the song.

Scheana Shay Fresh Tattoo

Scheana shared images of the tattoo process on her Instagram Story, tagging the tattoo artist, Sweetpea, who worked on her ink. The apple tattoo was placed alongside a flower tattoo that Scheana got for her daughter. The song “Apples” is a collaboration between Scheana and The 27s, and features lyrics that reflect her feelings of betrayal, questioning how Rachel could lie to her face and calling her a “narcissistic psycho” and a snake.

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Fans and followers of Scheana have been curious about her new tattoo and song lyrics. It is clear that Scheana is not holding back on her feelings and is using her music and art to process her frustrations with Rachel. The ongoing drama between the two has been a prominent storyline on Vanderpump Rules, and it seems that Scheana is finding her own ways to address the situation.

Overall, Scheana’s new tattoo and song reflect her experience with Rachel Leviss and the fallout from their friendship. It is evident that Scheana felt betrayed and hurt by Rachel’s accusations, and she is using her art to express those emotions. Fans will likely continue to follow the drama between Scheana and Rachel, as Vanderpump Rules unfolds the story further.

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