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Scott, 90 Day Fiancé Star, Fired from Job Due to Altercations with Online Trolls

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Scott Wern, known for his appearance on Love In Paradise: The Caribbean and the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, revealed that he lost his job due to social media criticism. Despite gaining popularity for his quirky personality, Scott’s behavior on the show and threats to critics caused his downfall. Although some may argue that Scott deserved to lose his job, it is believed that his actions on social media do not truly reflect his character, and he hopes to learn from his mistakes.

Scott Wern Fired From 90 Day Fiance

Scott, a 51-year-old resident of Florida, became famous for his unique looks and cool personality during his appearance on Love In Paradise: The Caribbean. However, viewers soon began criticizing him for his behavior. He broke up with Lidia, Pedro Jimeno’s mom, due to language barrier issues but later got back together with his Colombian ex-girlfriend. Scott’s quirky attitude quickly made him one of the fastest-growing stars in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise.

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Unfortunately, Scott recently shared that he would be taking a break from social media and is currently looking for another job, suggesting that negative press led to his firing. He expressed his disappointment and mentioned that he would not be posting on social media until things return to normal, as his previous posts have been used against him. Although he did not provide specific details, he appeared visibly heartbroken by losing his job.

Scott sarcastically blamed trolls and bloggers on Reddit for “ruining” his life. The drama began a few months ago when he became a controversial figure on the show, breaking Lidia’s heart and irritating viewers with a dog shower scene. Scott responded to his critics on social media, threatening them and seeking to teach them a lesson. He revealed in his video that haters shared edited segments of his videos on YouTube, leading to the loss of his job.

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It is unfortunate that Scott lost his job due to a social media scandal. While his breakup with Lidia may have contributed to negative attention, it should not be the sole reason for his loss of livelihood. In the past, Scott has created many positive moments by collaborating with other 90 Day Fiancé franchise stars and trying to bring smiles to his followers’ faces. He stated that he did not make money through social media and produced content solely for his followers. These actions paint him as a genuinely nice person with a good heart.

While Scott appeared genuinely hurt by the loss of his job, some may argue that he deserved the consequences of his actions. His controversial journey on reality TV and subsequent threats to critics tarnished his image. However, it is hoped that Scott will learn from his mistakes and make a positive transformation when he returns to social media.

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Overall, Scott Wern’s job loss due to social media criticism serves as a reminder of the impact of online behavior and the need to approach social media responsibly.

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