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Shekinah Garner from 90 Day Fiancé: An Insight into Her Occupation

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Shekinah Garner, known from the reality TV show 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, has a fascinating background and successful career outside of her television appearances. Shekinah is a 41-year-old aesthetician based in Los Angeles, where she runs her own business and has gained a strong following on Instagram for her work. In addition to her aesthetician career, she also co-hosts events in the city, bringing together attractive people to create a lively and vibrant atmosphere.

Shekinah Garner from 90 Day Fiancé

Shekinah’s journey to Los Angeles and her career as an aesthetician is quite unique. She was raised in an Amish lifestyle in Tennessee, being the oldest of six girls. Despite the strict rules and restrictions of the Amish culture, Shekinah always had a rebellious nature and a love for beauty and makeup. She remembers secretly painting her nails with markers and using colored chalk on her cheeks while hiding behind the couch. Shekinah’s parents eventually decided to leave the Amish lifestyle, and she credits her persuasive nature for influencing their decision.

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After leaving the Amish lifestyle, Shekinah embraced her passion for beauty and makeup. She became interested in skincare during her teenage years when she suffered from acne. Seeking help from an aesthetician and using quality skincare products sparked her interest and propelled her towards a career in the industry. Shekinah has been a licensed aesthetician for over 23 years and has built her own successful business. Her Instagram page, @aestheticsbyshekinah, features her work and showcases her expertise in dermaplaning and oilplaning.

Aside from her aesthetician career, Shekinah also co-hosts events in Los Angeles. She takes pride in her ability to create an atmosphere that feels just right and brings together attractive people for parties, premieres, and other social events. In a city like LA, where there is always something going on, Shekinah’s role as a co-host allows her to engage with the vibrant entertainment industry.

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While Shekinah’s career and personal life seem to be thriving in Los Angeles, she is also embarking on a new chapter by moving to Istanbul, Turkey, to be with Sarper, a 43-year-old model and personal trainer whom she met through a dating app. Shekinah was initially attracted to Sarper because of the highlighter he wore on his nose. Despite having had toxic relationships in the past and never thinking she would find the right person, Shekinah felt a strong connection with Sarper during their initial dates in Turkey. Two and a half months later, she flew back to spend a week with him. Shekinah is now willing to leave behind her established life in Los Angeles to be with Sarper.

Overall, Shekinah Garner is a multifaceted individual with a unique background and successful career. Her journey from the Amish lifestyle to becoming a skilled aesthetician and co-hosting events in Los Angeles demonstrates her determination and passion for beauty and creating vibrant atmospheres. Her decision to move to Istanbul for love showcases her willingness to take risks and pursue her happiness. It will be interesting to see how her story unfolds on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.

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