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Stassi Schroeder Concerned Second Baby Could ‘Disturb’ Family Dynamic

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Reality TV star Stassi Schroeder, known for her appearance on Vanderpump Rules, is expecting her second child with husband Beau Clark. The couple’s daughter, Hartford Clark, is going to be a big sister soon. However, Stassi has expressed some concerns about expanding her family.

Stassi Schroeder Second Baby Impact

In a recent interview on Lala Kent’s podcast, Give Them Lala, Stassi shared her worries about how having a second child might disrupt her current life and family dynamic. She loves her life and enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter. She fears that with another child, she won’t be able to spend as much quality time with her partner and that they will be separated, each taking care of one child. These concerns are common among parents who are considering adding another child to their family.

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Stassi also talked about the name of her upcoming baby boy. She revealed that many people have come close to guessing the name because she had previously mentioned being inspired by a street in New York City. While the street name was her first choice for a baby name, she ultimately decided on a name with an Italian tie, making it extra special.

Stassi and Beau had their dream wedding in Rome, Italy after previously getting married in a simple backyard ceremony in 2020. The couple is excited to welcome their second child, despite Stassi’s anxieties.

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In addition to her concerns about family dynamics and the name of her son, Stassi and her family have also been dealing with some challenges recently. Their baby’s nursery suffered water damage due to Hurricane Hilary, and their daughter Hartford had to be rushed to the hospital in July because she was having difficulty breathing. She was diagnosed with a high fever, mucus in her lungs, and pediatric asthma.

While Stassi may have anxieties and worries about how her life will change with a second child, it is important to remember that many parents experience similar concerns. The arrival of a new baby can indeed disrupt routines and dynamics, but it also brings new joys and blessings to a family. Stassi and Beau are surely equipped to handle these changes and navigate their new family dynamic with love and support.

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