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The Explanation of Captain Jason Chambers’ Relationship Status

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Captain Jason Chambers, also known as “Captain Cutie,” is the youngest captain in the Below Deck franchise. He is gaining favor with viewers due to his quick thinking, fair leadership, and protective nature. Many are curious about Captain Jason’s relationship status, so here is a breakdown of his past, present, and future desires.

Captain Jason Chambers’ Relationship Status

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Chief Stew Aesha Scott, Captain Jason played a game of Pillow Talk with host Andy Cohen. He revealed that the “motion of the ocean” is what matters to him in the bedroom. He also described himself as a lover using three words: “listen, feel, and move.” Despite some intimate questioning from Aesha, Captain Jason remained good-humored and open about his preferences.

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Captain Jason has an ex-partner named Fuchsia Quinn, who is an interior designer living in the Philippines. Fuchsia owns an interior design firm and used to be a chef on a yacht, influencing Captain Jason’s cooking techniques. Despite their separation, Captain Jason and Fuchsia have a respectful and kind relationship because they share a daughter named Saskia, nicknamed “Sassy.” Captain Jason frequently mentions his daughter and makes an effort to see or speak to her as often as possible.

Due to Captain Jason’s demanding yachting career and travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, he has had limited time with his daughter. Saskia is his main priority, making dating difficult but not impossible for Captain Jason.

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Currently, Captain Jason is single but open to the idea of finding love. He expressed a willingness to date a fellow crew member and even hinted at having been intimate in the wheelhouse in the past. However, he does have specific criteria for a potential partner. He wants someone who is independent, secure in their own life, and accepting of his dedication to his daughter and work. Additionally, he desires a partner who can motivate him to maintain a healthy lifestyle and push him to be better.

In conclusion, Captain Jason Chambers is a popular character on Below Deck Down Under, and viewers are curious about his relationship status. He has a positive relationship with his ex-partner Fuchsia Quinn because they co-parent their daughter Saskia. Captain Jason’s daughter is his main priority, but he remains open to the possibility of finding love. He wants a partner who is independent, accepting, and can motivate him to be better. Fans can continue to enjoy Captain Jason on Below Deck Down Under, which is currently airing double episodes every Monday.

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