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Vanderpump Rules: Unmasking the Cast’s Biggest Illusions

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The cast members of reality TV show Vanderpump Rules have gained a reputation for having inflated egos and a loose grip on reality. Despite starting out as young servers dreaming of fame and fortune, age and life experience haven’t brought them back down to earth. While every cast member may have some level of delusion, there are a few who stand out.

Vanderpump Rules: Unmasking biggest illusions

Tom Sandoval is perhaps the most deluded of them all. He believes he is a fashion icon, a world-class bartender, a talented trumpet player, and an expert restaurateur. He even thinks his cover band makes him a rock star. However, the reality is that he can’t sing, pays actual musicians to carry out his fantasy, struggles to sell tickets to his shows, and his single flopped even with the attention provided by the show.

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James Kennedy fancies himself a world-famous DJ, but even Jax Taylor had to remind him that he’s not the “white Kanye West.” The show’s editors try to keep him humble, once intercutting a clip of him boasting about his success with footage of him picking up dog poop at Vanderpump Dogs.

Jax Taylor is a pathological liar with a delusional ego. In Season 8’s finale, he referred to the show as “my show” in front of Lisa Vanderpump, the woman the show is named after. Despite getting fired after the season wrapped for racial misconduct, Jax denied that he and Brittany Cartwright were fired. He continues to proclaim himself as the only one wise enough to see the true colors of others. Jax and Brittany currently host a podcast called When Reality Hits, which is ironically lost on them.

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Scheana Shay has been delusional since Season 1, claiming that people often mistook her for Britney Spears when she was a teenager. She also dreams of pop stardom and once claimed that her song “Good As Gold” was huge in the gay community. In relationships, Scheana has brought the same energy, claiming that she and her ex-husband Mike Shay didn’t need therapy after only one session. She also believed she and Rob Valletta were the perfect couple, despite his obvious disinterest.

Lala Kent has a catchphrase that perfectly sums up her delusional attitude: “give them Lala.” In her mind, she is super famous and never wrong. She once defended her partner Randall Emmett’s film Gotti by suggesting that critics were harsh on mafia movies because they glorify crime, conveniently forgetting critically acclaimed movies like The Godfather series and Goodfellas. Lala also doesn’t seem to understand the difference between her situation and Ariana Madix’s, often blaming double standards for not receiving the same treatment.

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Raquel Leviss had a storyline in Season 10 about her disappointment at aging out of pageants. She cried over it on a date with Peter Madrigal but seemed to be living in a dream world. If she seriously thought she could win Miss USA at 28 years old without ever winning a single pageant in her career, she was highly deluded. Hopefully, stepping away from the spotlight will help her gain a firmer grip on reality, but her recent interview with Bethenny Frankel didn’t offer much hope.

In conclusion, the cast of Vanderpump Rules has a tendency to have inflated egos and a loose grip on reality. From Tom Sandoval’s belief in his own rock star status to Jax Taylor’s denial of being fired, these reality TV stars are living in a delusional world of their own creation.

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