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What Adrienne Gang has been doing since Below Deck Season 1

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Adrienne Gang, the first chief stew on Below Deck season 1, has faced challenges with her crew members but has since moved on to work as a chef in ship galleys and serve as the Culinary Director for Blue Oceans Yachting. In 2018, she got married to chiropractor Dr. Andrew Danks, and although she suffered a miscarriage in December 2021, she remains with her husband.

Adrienne Gang’s activities post-Below Deck Season 1

Adrienne’s time on Below Deck season 1 was not easy, as she had to deal with difficult crew members and challenging situations. One stewardess, Samantha Orme, didn’t take her job seriously and caused issues during a charter. Another crew member, second engineer C.J. LeBeau, went against rules by swimming and drinking beer, which Adrienne had to handle. Despite these challenges, Adrienne made history as the first chief stew on the show.

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Although Adrienne did not return to Below Deck as a chief stew, she made a guest appearance in season 2 as a friend of the primary charter guest. This caused tension with the Ohana crew, especially with second stew Kat Held, who tried to prevent Adrienne from coming aboard. However, despite their rocky relationship on the show, Adrienne invited Kat to work for her after her time on Below Deck ended.

Since her time on the show, Adrienne has been busy with other endeavours. She freelances as a stew on different boats but primarily works as a chef in ship galleys. She previously had eight years of experience as a chef before becoming a chief stew on Below Deck. Currently, she serves as the Culinary Director for Blue Oceans Yachting.

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In her personal life, Adrienne found love with chiropractor Dr. Andrew Danks, and they got married in 2018 in a beachfront ceremony. Although she hasn’t posted recent photos with her husband, it is believed that they are still together. Unfortunately, Adrienne shared the sad news of a miscarriage in December 2021. Many fans and fellow Below Deck stars offered their condolences to her and her husband.

Despite no longer being on the show, Adrienne stays connected to the Below Deck world through her podcast, Gangplank Report. She co-hosts the podcast with her friend Jennifer Bennington and discusses Below Deck episodes, interviews superfans, and has formed friendships with other Below Deck alums such as Gabriela Barragan and Jenna MacGillivray.

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Although it is unlikely that Adrienne will be asked back to Below Deck, she is thriving in her life beyond the show. Her marriage with Andrew seems to be going strong, and she is a pet parent to her adorable fur baby, Buddy. Through her podcast, she continues to capitalize on her time on the show and maintain connections with the Below Deck community.

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