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Women of Vanderpump Rules Who Chose to Compromise in Their Relationships

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The women of Vanderpump Rules have shown their business instincts with successful ventures, but their romantic choices haven’t always been as wise. Here are six women from Vanderpump Rules who settled for less in their relationships.

The Women of Vanderpump Rules Who Opted for Compromise

Stassi Schroeder’s on-and-off boyfriend Patrick Meagher was not well-received by viewers. He was criticized for his treatment of Stassi, including mansplaining and making inappropriate comments. To make matters worse, he broke up with Stassi on their anniversary. Fortunately, Stassi found happiness with Beau Clark.

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Lala Kent also settled for less in her relationship with Randall Emmett. Initially keeping their relationship a secret, Lala eventually confirmed their engagement. However, the couple ultimately called it quits, and Lala discovered lies and cheating on Randall’s part.

Scheana Shay’s relationship with Rob Valletta was difficult to watch. Scheana was clearly infatuated with Rob, but he appeared uninterested. In hindsight, Scheana admitted that the relationship wasn’t built to last.

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James Kennedy was not a great partner to Rachel Leviss. He cheated on her multiple times, even on camera. There was also an incident where he allegedly insulted Rachel’s mother. Hopefully, he treats his current partner, Ally Lewber, better.

Ariana Madix stuck by Tom Sandoval through thick and thin, even when there were allegations about his involvement with another woman. It’s unfortunate that she wasted so much loyalty on a relationship that wasn’t healthy.

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Katie Maloney felt unloved by her boyfriend Tom Schwartz, leading her to believe that he only liked her. No one should feel that way in a relationship, and Katie deserves better.

Overall, these Vanderpump Rules women settled for partners who didn’t treat them with the love and respect they deserved. Fortunately, some of them have found happiness in new relationships and prioritized their own well-being.

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