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Doctor Who Season 14 Introduces New Rose

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Yasmin Finney, an actor set to star in Doctor Who’s 60th-anniversary specials, discusses the pressure and honor of playing the character Rose. Finney’s character marks a major milestone as the first major trans character in the show’s history. Finney reveals that playing a character with such a historical name brings immense pressure but also a sense of honor. She feels blessed to play such a monumental character like Rose.

Introduces New Rose

There are theories about the significance of Rose’s name and its potential emotional connection to a past Doctor Who companion. It is speculated that Rose could be the daughter of Donna Noble, a companion played by Catherine Tate, and her husband Shaun. Rose may find herself caught up in the Doctor’s return and alien invasions in London. This theory suggests that Rose was likely named after Billie Piper’s companion Rose Tyler, who played a significant role in the revived seasons of Doctor Who. Rose Tyler helped Donna in a crisis and saved her family from danger.

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Finney’s character adds a new emotional layer to Donna’s story and acknowledges the importance of Rose Tyler in the show’s history. Although Billie Piper won’t be returning for the 60th-anniversary specials, Finney’s character provides an opportunity to pay tribute to the first companion of the revived series. Fans are eager to see how the Doctor, played by David Tennant, will respond to Finney’s character when she debuts in the specials.

Overall, the addition of Yasmin Finney’s character, Rose, as the first major trans character in Doctor Who’s history is seen as a significant milestone for the franchise. The connection to past companions and the emotional implications of her name make her debut in the 60th-anniversary specials highly anticipated by fans.

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