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Star Wars: Should Disney Focus On Saga Stories Or One Shots?

Finding Balance in the Star Wars Franchise: Saga vs One-Shot Movies

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As Star Wars fans, we all have our opinions on what the direction of the franchise should be. Should they stick to the sagas and long interconnected stories, or focus on one-shot movies set in different time periods and parts of the galaxy? It’s an interesting question that has many different answers, but ultimately, it comes down to finding a balance between the two.

Star Wars Connecting The Dots

For years, the Star Wars franchise was all about connecting the dots and tying everything together. But with the success of one-shot movies like Rogue One and Solo, it’s clear that there is a market for standalone films within the Star Wars universe.

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The world of Star Wars is vast, and there are endless stories to be told. It doesn’t always have to connect to everything else in the universe. As John Campia said in his YouTube video, “You can just tell the story of some bantha farmer on some Outer Rim planet that gets into trouble with his local bank.” The possibilities are endless, and that’s what makes the franchise so exciting.

Of course, there is still a place for sagas and interconnected stories. The Skywalker Saga, the Original Trilogy, the Sequel Trilogy, and the Prequel Trilogy all have their place in the Star Wars canon. But with the introduction of new characters like Ahsoka and Bo-Katan, and the success of The Mandalorian, it’s clear that there is room to expand beyond the Skywalker Saga.

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Star Wars Comic Book Universe

One way to do this is to take a cue from the comic book world. Just like comic book movies, Star Wars can do both interconnected stories and standalone films. As John Campia suggests, “They mix them in together and they tell whether you call it what ifs or else worlds or whatever you want to call it.”

An example of this is the Star Wars Anthology animated series, Visions. The series featured One-Shot stories set in different parts of the Star Wars universe, and some were fantastic while others were not so great. This kind of approach allows for experimentation in storytelling and gives fans a chance to see different perspectives of the Star Wars universe.

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Star Wars Saga Stories or One Shots?

Ultimately, what fans want is quality storytelling. Whether it’s part of a saga or a standalone film, fans want to be immersed in the world of Star Wars and feel like they’re part of the adventure. Finding a balance between One-Shot stories and sagas is the key to keeping fans engaged and excited about the franchise.

As for what the future of Star Wars holds, we’ll have to wait and see. While it’s nice to see the focus on movies, there are other formats to explore like TV shows, video games, and comics. But whatever the medium, fans will always be eager to see what new stories the franchise has to offer.

In the end, it’s not about sticking to a set formula or structure. It’s about telling great stories that allow fans to escape into the world of Star Wars and feel like anything is possible. By finding a balance between One-Shot stories and sagas, the franchise can continue to thrive for years to come.

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