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Catching Up with the Past 10 Winners of Big Brother

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Over the past decade, the winners of Big Brother have gone on to different paths in life after winning the $500,000 cash prize. Ian Terry, the winner of Big Brother 14, used his winnings to pay off his student loan debt and now works as a consultant in Houston. He has also created Twitch and Cameo accounts to interact with his fans.

Catching Up with the Past 10 Winners of Big Brother

Andy Herren, the winner of Big Brother 15, currently resides in Chicago and is active on social media. He posts comical content and speaks out against social injustices. He remains friends with fellow Big Brother alumni and has attended events with them.

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Derrick Levasseur, the winner of Big Brother 16, used his winnings to start a family. He retired from his position as a law enforcement detective and has since written a book, started a crime-related podcast, and founded a private investigation and consulting firm. He is still good friends with Cody Calafiore, the runner-up of BB16.

Steve Moses, the winner of Big Brother 17, has led a low-key lifestyle since winning the show. He currently resides in Orlando, Florida, and owns a small business in the senior care niche. The details of his business are unclear, but it primarily involves working in hospitals, nursing homes, and senior living communities.

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Nicole Franzel, the winner of Big Brother 18, came close to becoming the first two-time winner on the show but was ultimately the last person eliminated in BB22: All-Stars. Since then, she got married to fellow Big Brother 18 alum Victor Arroyo and they welcomed their first child together in July 2021.

Josh Martinez, the winner of Big Brother 19, was planning on returning for BB22: All-Stars but tested positive for COVID- 19 shortly before the premiere and was unable to compete. He ended up competing on The Challenge instead.

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Kaycee Clark, the winner of Big Brother 20, continued her reality TV career by competing on The Challenge and met her partner on the show. She has also grown her Instagram following and has partnered with various brands.

Jackson Michie, the controversial winner of Big Brother 21, has been focusing on his mental and physical health since the show. He opened up about his history of substance abuse before being cast on Big Brother. He is no longer in a relationship with his showmance girlfriend, Holly Allen.

Cody Calafiore, the winner of Big Brother 22: All-Stars, has been relatively low-key since his win. He moved in with his long-term girlfriend and they got engaged in 2022. Cody plans to save money to start a family.

Xavier Prather, the winner of Big Brother 23, became the first Black winner of any regular season of Big Brother. After the win, he competed on The Challenge and got engaged to his fiancee. He is currently recovering from surgery on his Achilles tendon.

Taylor Hale, the winner of Big Brother 24, became the first Black woman to win a regular season. She also won America’s Favorite Houseguest. She entered into a relationship with Joseph Abdin after the season, but it ended after six months. Taylor continues to make public appearances and has shared her thoughts on upcoming seasons of Big Brother.

Overall, the winners of Big Brother have pursued various paths in life after their victories. Some have used their winnings to pay off debts and start businesses, while others have continued their reality TV careers. Each winner has had their own unique journey after their time on the show.

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